Super Cool Dad Anil Kapoor Says That The New Generation Of Parents Need To Learn To Chill!

Super Cool Dad Anil Kapoor Says That The New Generation Of Parents Need To Learn To Chill!

17 Jun 2022 | 5 min Read

Manisha Pradhan

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When Sonam Kapoor shared the news about her pregnancy, her father Anil Kapoor took to Instagram to express his joy, he said, “Now preparing for the most exciting role of my life – GRANDFATHER!! Our lives will never be the same again and I couldn’t be more grateful! @sonamkapoor & @anandahuja you have made us happy beyond measure with this incredible news!”

We know what a jhakaas dad Anil Kapoor is and can’t wait to see him take over his new role as a grandfather albeit a cool, sexy and an evergreen one! BabyChakra spoke to Anil Kapoor recently about how he is preparing for his new real life role as a grandfather, about relationships and marriages, his favourite child and what he thinks about the new generation of parents. 

Anil Kapoor says women today are not in a hurry to get married nor do they take that pressure

Here’s what he had to say:

Anil Kapoor Talks About Relationships And Marriages

On being questioned about his views on divorce and how it is still a taboo in Indian society. Anil Kapoor said, “I think it is absolutely okay to walk out of an unhappy marriage. If a woman is unhappy in a marriage and if there is abuse of any kind in a marriage then why should a woman go through all that torture? Women are much stronger and they sacrifice a lot but they too need to make a life for themselves.”

“Having said that, women today are not in a hurry to get married nor do they take that pressure. My daughters are examples of that, when I would ask them they would say of course I want to get married but on my own time and terms. So women today know their minds and I feel its the boys who are more desperate to get married!” (Laughs)

On Becoming A Grandfather Soon And Tips He Would Like To Give Sonam Kapoor

“I was very happy and emotional when I got to know about Sonam expecting a baby. It’s a beautiful feeling. However, I don’t think I am the one who can give her any parenting tips because I think mothers are better at that. In fact I like to take tips from the younger generation and I am always doing that, like tips on how they keep fit, what they eat etc.” says Anil.

Anil Kapoor does not interfere with the decisions his son Harshvardhan makes when it comes to his career or choosing his films

Anil Kapoor’s Take On The New Generation Of Parents

When I ask Anil Kapoor about what kind of a mother he thinks his daughter Sonam Kapoor would make, Anil sums it up nicely and says, “I called her yesterday and Sonam was out shopping, so I asked her if she was shopping for me. She brushed me off and said, “No, I am shopping for my baby!”

“So I think mums today are overprotective. I feel it should not be that much, they need to go easier and not hold on to children so tight. I’ve seen many parents today hovering around their children, they just don’t let their kids go out of sight and are always with them all the time. I don’t think it should be that way, parents today need to take it easy. I think I was a more chilled out father and I didn’t worry so much. If the kids came home late, I didn’t stress about it much, because I knew they would come home, where else will they go?” 

“Even when it comes to making decisions about their career or the films they choose, my children have always made their own decisions. For example, my son Harshvardhan wants to do films which he would want to watch, that gives him happiness and satisfaction. He makes his own choices, he’s doing things he feels he would want to watch and I am different, I don’t think I would do that but I don’t force him to do the same,” adds Anil Kapoor.

Anil Kapoor believes that each child needs to be handled as per their needs and he pampers all three of his kids equally

Sonam, Rhea Or Harshvardhan Who Is Anil Kapoor’s Favourite Child?

Like most parents, Anil Kapoor too does not have a favourite child though he says his kids Sonam, Rhea and Harshavardhan Kapoor keep pulling each other’s legs and say “I am the favourite child,” Anil says it’s all in fun.

He adds, “All three of my kids are different from each other, I pamper them equally. They have their pluses and minuses. They all have different needs and all three of them are built in a different way and have different personalities. Some children are emotionally dependent, some are not so emotionally dependent. So you need to handle each child as per their needs. In the process we are also learning the art of parenting.”

We couldn’t agree more with Anil Kapoor, parenting is an ongoing journey and each day is a new learning for parents whether it’s a first time parent, or a seasoned one.

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