Anushka Sharma Reveals She Was Scared To Embrace Motherhood, Shares A Valuable Tip For New Parents

Anushka Sharma Reveals She Was Scared To Embrace Motherhood, Shares A Valuable Tip For New Parents

13 Mar 2023 | 5 min Read

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Anushka Sharma is one of the most talented and loved actresses in Bollywood. She is all set to return to the silver screen with her upcoming film, Chakda Xpress, which is based on Indian cricketer Jhulan Goswami. The actor, who is also a doting mum to her daughter Vamika, recently opened up about motherhood and how she manages parenthood duties along with her career.

While Anushka revealed that embracing motherhood did overwhelm her at first, she knew it was the best decision she’d made once her daughter arrived. Read on as we give you more details from Anushka’s interview and her tips for all new parents.

On Embracing Motherhood

Anushka highlighted her journey as a new mum, and mentioned, “It’s true that nothing prepares you for motherhood. You just have to nosedive into it. I remember being afraid initially and wondering if I wouldn’t like being a mum, but I have grown a lot as a person since I’ve had my baby.”

Further, Anushka revealed that motherhood has made her more confident and self-assured. She also stated that motherhood is a very real thing and caring for another human is a big responsibility, but she loves doing it more than anything else.

On Balancing Motherhood And Career

Anushka also revealed her experience of leaving her daughter Vamika alone for the first time. The mum explained, “We both did very well! I have spent so much time with her, that I have a strong connection with her, and I feel she is a very secure baby. She missed me, and I have missed her, it all turned out fine, actually more than fine.”

She further stated that it’s important to have a strong connection with your child, and added, “I am so hands-on and do everything for her, and I enjoy doing it. The bond we share is very special.” Anushka also revealed that Vamika is turning into a secure individual and she is happy about that.

While motherhood is a beautiful journey, there’s no denying that the responsibility that comes with it can be overwhelming and stressful. While some days you may feel like you are acing at this role, on others, you may feel surrounded by endless doubts, and wonder if you are doing things right.

To reduce your stress, you can consider practicing positive affirmations regularly. Affirmations are a simple self-help strategy that helps you navigate the ups and downs of motherhood while boosting your confidence and emotional health.

Affirmations also help replace your negative thoughts with positive ones and make your journey as a mum smoother and stress-free. Additionally, according to the American Psychology Association, affirmations can encourage self-compassion. They help draw attention to your positive strengths and qualities and remind you that you are already doing the best you can as a mamma and as an individual.

In the next section, we have listed some positive and encouraging affirmations that you can add to your daily routine.

20 Positive Affirmations To Make Motherhood A Happier And Stress-Free Experience

  • I am enough, just the way I am.
  • I am grateful for a fresh start every morning.
  • I am equipped to find solutions to daily struggles and challenges.
  • I will focus on things that are within my control, and let go of the rest.
  • I deserve to put my feet up and relax.
  • I am grateful to spend time with my kids every day.
  • I may not be perfect, but I am confident that I am making progress.
  • My home is full of love and joy.
  • I am not afraid to show my children my vulnerabilities.
  • I learn by making mistakes because that is also a part of growing.
  • I am going to prioritise presence, over a to-do list.
  • I won’t feel guilty about caring for myself.
  • I trust my intuition, and I know it will always guide me in the right direction.
  • I am confident, and loving, and set an excellent example for my children.
  • I am not going to compare myself to others.
  • I share a special and strong bond with my children.
  • I am not afraid to ask for help when needed.
  • I remain calm even when surrounded by chaos.
  • I should let go of unrealistic expectations.
  • I will lead my children confidently and with great examples.


As Anushka rightly puts it: caring for a small human isn’t an easy task! In fact, motherhood is one of the most challenging roles in the world. But trust us, mamma, you’ve got this. So don’t doubt yourself, instead embrace this journey and its flaws wholeheartedly, because you have all the capabilities to overcome the tribulations.

In addition, practice the positive affirmations that we discussed above to recognise and focus on your most essential values and counteract negative thoughts.


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