Are You Feeding Your Baby Right

Are You Feeding Your Baby Right

1 Jul 2022 | 2 min Read


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After the first few years, it is vital for you ensure that you are feeding your child the right solids. Start to add solids into your child’s diet at the age of 5-7 months, depending on the curiosity of your child towards the solid food you eat. While feeding your baby solids, make sure that the transition is gradual in order to prepare your child before you start them on a solid diet plan. The first few months are strictly a diet of breastmilk and formula. Start with soft vegetables and fruits in small quantities for minimal chance of a choking hazard.

A food that is soft and intriguing for your child will ensure that your child tastes the food. Cheerios, chocos or loops are a healthy snack that your child will enjoy munching on between meals. These crunchies are not only rich in nutrition, but also have an adequate sugar content in them.

Fruits are a safe food that can be pureed for your child to get a taste of before they start on solids. Consult with your doctor before you add fruits into your child’s diet, as some fruits may not be competent for them at certain ages.

Beans and legumes are another solid foods that should be added into your child’s solid diet. They have an adequate amount of nutrients that will help in your child’s growth. A thorough consultancy with the doctor about the intake of all beans and legumes might be a negative sign. Try to slip in soft and tasty foods. Even colourful food will do the trick.

Vegetables and meat are a good way to build muscles and bone weight. You need to add vegetables for your child’s iron content. The earlier you do this, the better it will be to organize a diet plan. Meat is a rich source of protein that will help in brain development. Vegetables and meat of various types help in development of different parts of your child’s body.

Do not forget to add dairy products in your child’s diet. Cheese, paneer, or milk will help maintain the calcium content in your child’s body. Your baby’s bone structure needs to develop at an early stage for their future steady growth.

Your child’s growth depends on you, so be sure to have the best diet plan for him/her.











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