Are You Planning To Have Another Baby

Are You Planning To Have Another Baby

24 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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Do you ever find yourself watching your tiny tot bounce around from place to place and catch yourself smiling at just how adorable he is? You turn to your husband and find that you’re both thinking the same thing- “should we have another one?”. Bringing another child into the world may be an even more difficult task than bringing in the first one. But it is just as rewarding. Here are few questions to ask yourself to help carry out your decision to have another baby or not.

1. Consider your existing family’s dynamic

For most parents, it takes a while to get used to the changing environment brought about by the addition of a baby. However, it’s important to remember that all babies are in fact different and have different personalities. If your first child was an easy and adjusting baby there is no guarantee that your second child will be the same. If your first child is one that demands a lot of attention from you, then it’s probably not the best decision to bring another child into your family. The best way to deal with this crisis is to talk to your child about having a younger sibling. We aren’t telling you to fully base your decisions on this but you will get an idea about how your child feels about a sibling.

2. Consider the number of children you already have

According to the Census of India, 2011, most couples have up to two children. This is also considered an ideal number. It also makes sense practically as it is the two of you against the two of them. Things can get out of hand when the children outnumber you. The third child is considered the peak after which the stress could really get you. There’s a fair amount of benefits to both, being an only child or having siblings. Hence, consider weighing the pros and cons of both before having more children. But more importantly, consider how many children you will be able to divide your attention among.

3. Consider the mother’s age

The mother’s age is an important factor in a child’s health. The ideal age to conceive is said to be from about 25 to 35. If you are above 35 it might be wise to reconsider having another baby by speaking to your doctor about the possible complications. You must also consider the mother’s overall health and if she would be able to handle the exertion and stress of another baby.

4. Consider the finances

This is possibly the most important thing to consider before having another child. It is important to keep in mind all the expenses you are expecting in the near future like paying off your housing loan etc. It helps to make a list accounting all your present expenses with your current child or children. Then make another column for all the expected expenses, this would include the money for your children’s education, health care and other expenses for the unforeseen happenings. Now consider the costs a new baby would incur upon you. If you think you would have enough money to bear the costs of an additional member to you family without compromising on the other expenses. You are probably good to go on the financial front!

5. Consider the fact that you are working as team

It often happens that only one of the parent is ready for another baby while the other is not. We understand that would talk to your partner before having another baby. However, it is important to make sure there is no hesitation on either one of your ends. If either one of you is planning on setting up a new business or taking on a promotion which requires traveling, another baby would probably be a burden to you and you may even lose out on the opportunity. Therefore, sit down and have a good talk with you partner and make sure you’re bringing this new life into the world, without no regrets.











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