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Are Your Armpits Itchy And Have A Funky Smell? Here’S What It Tells About Your Health!

Are Your Armpits Itchy And Have A Funky Smell? Here’S What It Tells About Your Health!

4 Apr 2022 | 4 min Read


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Armpits are those only zones that sweat a lot and there’s practically nothing you can do about it. You cannot control the way you sweat or the quantity you sweat.

People, in general, are overly concerned about their armpits, as in the way it smells or if it even smells, the color of sweat on the clothes etc. These factors can somehow be managed and controlled by using deodorants but this is just a temporary solution.

Having smelly armpits has caused many people to lose their confidence and become more susceptible to the judgment of the other people.

Why do my armpits stink?

You tend to sweat when you engage in any physical activity like walking, cooking, running behind your kids, daily household chores etc. Basically, whatever you do will make you sweat.

It has also been proven that ‘stress’ also causes you to sweat a lot. There’s n o problem in sweating at all because it is natural. However, the real problem arises when the sweat begins to give out an odor. It happens because the sweat reacts with the bacteria on the body.

As a matter of fact, your sweat has no smell at all. But if it gets mixed with the dead skin cells, it becomes a center for the bacteria to bloom there. Once it starts growing, it will keep multiplying rapidly.This is exactly what causes the armpits to give out a foul odor.

What does it say about your health?


It could indicate irritation in the skin due to the usual culprits like the razor or an allergic reaction to a deodorant.

The deposition and growth of fungus or the bacterial infection that has come to stay and ruin your hygiene!

If you notice pus formations and an abnormal growth of hair, you must consult your dermatologist as soon as possible.

Fishy smell

If you notice that you’ve still been having the nasty smell even after having scrubbed your pits with your best soap, you could be a victim of a thyroid problem.

It could also indicate that you’re having a hormonal imbalance.

It could be a condition called ketoacidosis in which your body isn’t able to break down all the sugar that you’ve been consuming.

It could be a red light signaling that you are diabetic and that you should check it immediately.

What are the possible reasons for my armpit to stink?

If you’ve been on medicines, there’s a slight possibility that the medicines you’ve been consuming have a side effect of you having smelly armpits.

Spicy food

Consumption of spicy food can also cause your armpits to sweat and give out a stench. Spices like curry, ginger, garlic, chilies etc help in releasing sulfur and the only gateway out of your body are through your pores. Sweat glands open up and the sulfur comes out through your pores.

This is exactly what makes you feel uncomfortable and unconfident about yourself around people. Yes, your farts have a peculiar stench too and it will just get worse if you eat a lot of spicy food.


Stress is a major reason why you could have smelly armpits. Whenever you’re experiencing stress, you tend to sweat from your apocrine glands (they are present in your armpit hair follicle region). This sweat gets mixed with the bacteria on your skin and it turns into a stinky sweat.

The only way to avoid having this is by reducing the level of stress in your life by staying away from the stressors which have been impacting your life a lot. You can use antiperspirant if it is recommended by your dermatologist only!

If you notice your husband’s armpits have been smelling rather funky lately, keep tabs on him and see the quantity of the alcohol he has been consuming. Sometimes, the liver cannot take that much alcohol and that’s exactly when the armpits begin to give foul odor.


Control the amount of caffeine you’ve been consuming. It also has a similar effect on your body and that could be one of the reasons as to why your armpits stink! If you end up having a rash in your pits, place some ice over it and let it cool your body!











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