Are Your Prepared For Your Childs Homecoming

Are Your Prepared For Your Childs Homecoming

19 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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It’s your child’s arrival as a new member to the family. How have you planned to welcome your baby? No, it isn’t the cradle or the walker. There’s much more to it. Here’s some stuff you need to think about!

1. Baby Legwarmers

Warm weather? Make it easy on yourself and get some adorable baby leg warmers. If it’s cold, footie pants are the best.

2. Onesies

Also called as bodysuits, these are the staple of a baby’s wardrobe. Long sleeved onesies are preferably better to keep those tiny arms warm. This is used instead of shirts because that could be uncomfortable. Mommies agree that their favorite onesies are from Baby Gap collections. They tend to last for long, are flexible at the neck and are also easy to wash.

Heard of the footed onesie? They cover up your child in whole. Forget mittens, socks, pants or shoes. A footed onesie is easy to use clothing for cold weather.

3. Pants/Jeans/Leggings

If it isn’t warm you might need a pair of jean. Jeans are very handy as they go with just about anything, but cotton pants could be much comfier. Just make sure the pants or jeans aren’t too tight for your child.

4. Sleepwear

Jammies or otherwise called as pajamas are easy to wear. The footed jammies add an extra layer of comfort to those tiny feet. For newborns, it’s better to get a sleeping gown since it’s easy for the middle-of-the-night diaper changes.

5. Footwear

Yes, they aren’t running around yet, but footwear for babies is strict to keep those feet warm. If it’s pretty cold outside – some shoes or booties would do. If your baby isn’t wearing a footed outfit then go for woolen socks during winter.

6. Outerwear

If you’re simply taking a stroll with your child and it’s warm outside; go for cotton tees or shirts. When it’s cold outside, your little one would want to flaunt it in that attractive sweater.

A jumpsuit is another comfortable clothing for your child. A zip in the back with an elastic waist for better fitting is the cherry on top. If it’s a palazzo pant style in the bottom, even better it is!

It’s a must to have napkins and swaddles for your child wherever they go.

7. Innerwear

Talking about outerwear, the most important clothing is what your child wears in the inside. Make sure you buy soft, comfortable cotton panties that are elastic fitting which ensures your child’s skin breathes easy and isn’t harsh on the skin.

It’s to the parents discreet to choose the kind of dressing for their children. So go ahead and make things comfy for your little Angel because babyhood happens just once. Make it the best!











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