Baby Food For 15 Month Old Babies

Baby Food For 15 Month Old Babies

1 Jul 2022 | 3 min Read


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After your baby has reached the age of one, it is vital for you to make a gradual change in their eating habits. A slow and attentive observance of your child’s needs and growth will help you improvise on your child’s diet accordingly. Keep an eye out for allergies and rashes with every change in their diet plan. The earlier you learn about your child’s allergies, the faster it is for you to curb the ill effects.

Ensure that your child’s diet involves an assortment of food nutrients.

1. Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables have numerous nutritious elements that can help boost your child’s growth. They enhance the development of blood cells, bone development, healing skin and stomach ailments. Make sure you add an adequate amount of fresh greens and colourful fruits that will bring out the best in health.

2. Whole wheat

Adding whole wheat in your child’s diet is the best means to get your child the needed fibre in their diet. The fibre helps develop your child’s excretory system. It will prevent your child from the pain of constipation. Whole wheat is known to give your child nutrition for the day to playfully exert energy.

3. Protein and fats

Since your child is growing, you need to ensure that protein and fats are added to their diet. These help in the best development of your child’s brain cells. They are the best elements to add into your child’s energetic schedule. Carbohydrates in the form of rice and potatoes are the best means to supply your child with healthy fat and energising supplements. They act as interesting finger foods too.

4. Dairy products

Milk, cheese, cottage cheese (paneer), cream, and curd are important nutrients that your child will need as calcium intake for a sturdy skeletal structure.

A few food items that have an abundance of these ingredients are listed below:

1. Whole wheat pancakes with butter and a tinge of honey
2. Purees of all kinds (Beetroot and carrots are the best of their kind). Colour purees can be very intriguing for your child to take a taste of their food.
3. Khichdi
4. Curd oats

The ways you can get your child to eat the food placed in front of them is by:

1. Making food colourful with the interesting texture that will let you bring out an experimental side to your child. At this age, it best to give your child the space to make decisions about their food. It is a great learning experience for them.
2. Do not force your child to eat anything, and do not insist on a certain nutritious food, which can be easily supplemented with another taste.
3. Allow your child to play with food in front of them, as it will encourage their explorative side. The more intrigued they are the better capacity to learn their build.











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