Baby Gear Buying Guide

Baby Gear Buying Guide

20 Apr 2022 | 5 min Read


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Giving birth to a baby will change a lot of things in your life. Your baby will need a lot of tending to and will take up more of your time than you can imagine. If you’re making a list of things that need to be bought for the comfort of your baby, then here are a few baby gear essentials you can consider.

1. Baby Walkers

Walkers will be one of the first means of transportation your child uses. This will help your child in walking without much assistance and will also aid in staying upright.

A traditional Walker has a frame made out of plastic or metal with a seat in the center. Wheels are provided at the base for easy movement of your baby. A walker is designed so that your baby is safe and at the same time has the freedom to move around. You can even get a foldable walker so that it’s easier for you to carry it around.

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An added bonus for a walker is a parent rod to help you move it around and a musical toy to keep your baby entertained.

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2. Strollers and Prams

Whether it’s an evening walk in the park or you’re going out as a family, don’t let your baby miss out on the fun. You can take your baby along with you on a stroller or a pram where s/he can sit comfortably and travel with you. It will have a cushioned seat on which your child can sit, sleep and watch around the world as she moves.

It’s important that you buy the right kind of stroller that fits your needs. In general, buying a standard, lightweight one that is foldable is go-to. Look for one that has reversible seat so that you can have your baby facing you.

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As your baby grows older, you can get an umbrella stroller which has much less structure and seat support if you find that your child can sit without much assistance.

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3. Bouncers

Baby bouncer is a relatively inexpensive piece of baby gear that is super useful. When you place your baby in a bouncer, they’ll be entertained by toys that hang over a bar overhead and will gradually be lulled to sleep because of the relaxing and calming effect, the vibrations have.

You can either go for a simple one that moves according to your baby’s movements or ones that vibrate, have separate space for food storage, and even have some electronics incorporated into them.

Most of the bouncers can be used up to your baby’s first 6 months depending on the weight of the baby.

They also have safety straps like a 3-point harness to keep your baby from falling out.

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4. Car seats

When you’re traveling in a car, it is very important that you ensure your baby is safe and secure. Even if it’s a short distance and you’re driving at low speeds, your baby is unprotected if your arms are the only means of restraint your child has. It is crucial that you get a Baby car seat if you’re someone who drives around in car often.

The car seat is made of removable and washable cover that is padded for comfort and the material is such that it absorbs impact energy keeping your baby completely safe. It will also have a harness system that will that will make sure your baby is securely seated.

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5. Baby carrier

Baby carriers will leave you hands-free while you cuddle your baby against your body. This will allow you to go about your daily tasks easily and you can even move around without the hassle of carrying your child.

Using a baby carrier will also help in the bonding process and will soothe your baby if he’s fussy or colicky.

You can use a baby carrier until the weight of your baby is comfortable enough for you to bear.

A Baby carrier will have a fabric seat that has two adjustable shoulder straps. You can adjust them so that your baby is close to your chest.

While buying a front carrier, take care that the straps are padded and the leg holes are big enough to not constrict your baby’s legs. Also, make sure it’s sturdy and all the buckles and straps are durable in the long run.

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6. Cradle

Since sleep is so crucial for your baby, getting a good cradle for him/her to spend most of his time in is ideal. They are also called as palna or jhoola.

Cradles provide a safe and comfortable space for your little one to sleep in. They are usually made up of soft material that is washable and more importantly will not cause any distress for your baby.

The mesh-like cover will allow for your baby to breathe properly and will also let him look at the outside world.

Your baby will sleep better on a cradle because of the rocking motion than on a cot. But be careful to adjust the height of the cradle so that your baby doesn’t end up falling off and hurting himself.

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