Baby In Mummys Tummy How Aware Is He

Baby In Mummys Tummy How Aware Is He

30 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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Pregnancy. An exhilarating yet intimidating time for any mum, be it a first timer or an alumni. From the peeing on the stick to the shrieking on the birthing table, a mum is there through it all, every step of the way with her little wonder. At what point does her little wonder start being a part of the journey? Consciously? Is it when she first feels it flutter in her womb or maybe when she’s fast asleep, the little one, bearing presence to the dead of the night?

It is interesting to note that in spite of extensive research, the evidence of babies bearing presence to our everyday lives while in the womb, isn’t very conclusive. On the bright side, we know for a fact that the development of the nervous system begins in the earliest stages of conception, which points to the elevation of the mental faculties by the second trimester. There is also research that suggests that babies are attentive to a variety of stimuli, memories of which, they carry into infancy; For example, a particular song they once listened in on, while in their mummy’s tummy, soothes them in the midst of a crying frenzy in the real world.

Some scientists suggest that the emotional discomfort or even the bad circumstances faced by the mother while she is pregnant can leave a lasting impact on a kid’s psyche when he’s out and about, sometimes the distress ends up finding its way even into adulthood! So what can you do to set in stone, your baby’s priceless laughter and in a way, strengthen your bond with him or her?

1.Don’t stop the music

Music is therapeutic, not just to us old folks but to the little blokes as well. Some research even suggests that exposure to vocal music especially, sets in motion, good language skills! From 18 to 25 weeks, the baby’s ear develops and is then fully formed. The baby’s ear can then pick up on all kinds of audible signals and accustom itself with familiar sounds, the earlier you start the better chances you have of your baby turning out to be a lingual genius!

2.Story Time

All the stories you have ever heard, gather them all in your head and tell them to your little miracle. You see, for your baby to adapt to words and eventually say them for himself, it is important to give him a head start right while in the womb! It may sound berserk but babies can make out tones of voice very early on and are listening in on everything you say in the last 10 months of pregnancy. They listen so ardently that when some newborns were spoken with, by their mothers just after their birth, they reacted, so as to attest that they understood.

3.Touch His Heart

You know there’s a little person inside you, a little life that was made from your very own. You can’t wait to hold and caress the life within you, so isn’t it a good idea to do whatever little you can until he or she rejoices in your arms? Patting and stroking will come naturally to you, as your child is so very sensitive to touch, right from the week 8 of your pregnancy. They move and kick, touch themselves and the walls of the womb; For you to respond to their flutter of movements can impart a feeling of being safe and comfortable to the child, who sometimes feels agitated, growing so big in such an enclosed little space.

4.Chill Out

See to it that you’re never anxious or agitated. Any negativity, emotion wise, affects your blood pressure which in turn does not do wonders for your child. Stress and unrest while pregnant can also result in low IQ of the baby, according to some studies. To aid undesirable feelings, make sure you’re always engaged in one thing or another. Yoga is a boon to pregnancy as it not only lightens up the mood but regular sessions all through your pregnancy makes childbirth a smooth ride.

Make contact with that little piece of you. Small and beautiful and eager to get to know the world, to get to know you. Cementing a bond with the baby while in the womb is crucial both for your baby’s development and for your happiness.











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