Baby’S 1St Year A Survival Guide

Baby’S 1St Year A Survival Guide

20 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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If you’re awaiting your second child, you’re an experienced parent and probably know exactly what to expect. You may even have these things stored to pass on to your second child after your elder one outgrew them. However, for first time parents, it’s a different story. Pregnancy is a whole new ballgame.

To make it easier for you,here are a couple of things you will most definitely need for your child during their first year.

1. Baby Clothes

The most important items to keep for your baby are of course their clothes. You can’t be running around after your delivery and taking your baby to the mall to see what outfits look cute and fit them perfectly. It’s always a game of estimation. Baby clothes come according to age and some come according to height and weight specifications as well. Look for loose, comfortable clothes and you could even try organic clothes that are easier on your baby’s skin, though slightly more expensive. Always keep some clothes that are a few sizes bigger in hand, as babies tend to grow very fast. Buy a detergent that’s baby-friendly, so it doesn’t cause any irritation.

2. Diapers

Pick the diaper that you feel is best, whether cloth or disposable. If you’re buying diapers in the market, be prepared to switch from brand to brand till you find one that you think will suit your baby’s skin the best. You can also do a bit of research on which diaper and material is safest for your baby for a better idea. You’ll be moving through 10-12 diapers a day, so it would be advisable to stock up. Along with diapers, keeping baby wipes is always a good idea for situations where you can’t change diapers. Most parents also prefer to purchase a separate diaper changing table for hygiene reasons.

3. Baby Carriers

You’re going to want to show your little one the world as soon as they arrive, and carrying them around in your arms is going to be a task. Buy them a stroller or a baby carrier, so that they can fall asleep whenever they’re tired. Buying a baby car seat is also a good idea if you plan on going for road journeys, which are advisable only after your baby has crossed a certain number of months, or even just driving them around town. It’s much safer than the usual seatbelt and definitely more comfortable.

4. Feeding

To make breastfeeding more comfortable, buy some breastfeeding pillows that put less strain on your shoulders. They’re also more efficient at keeping your baby in position while feeding. A breast pump may come in handy while breastfeeding. You could also buy them a feeding bottle for when they get older.

When your baby is able to consume solid foods, they’re definitely going to need a bib to avoid staining all their baby clothes. A high chair for more comfortable feeding would be advisable. Buying your baby some plastic bowls and spoons is also a good idea, as they’re more gentle on the gums and not a loss if they’re broken in a tantrum.

5. Bath Time Products

Make sure to buy baby friendly soap and shampoo, which are gentle on their skin. As is the case with diapers, you’re going to have to test out a few brands before finding the one that suits your baby’s skin the best. It is also advisable to get soft baby towels, as they are not harsh on the skin.











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