Balancing Work And Family

Balancing Work And Family

18 May 2022 | 5 min Read


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Work is work. Painful, but necessary. Motherhood is similar, except much more rewarding. Combining the two can either go horribly wrong, or wonderfully right, and we want to help make sure it’s the latter. Many working mums find it a challenge to efficiently balance out the work life and the home life. This leads to issues like being excessively tired, taking out frustration from one place in the other place, crying, etc. Balance is the key to a happy life, so here are some pointers to hopefully help you achieve the balance you need between work and family.

1. Daycare

Make sure that while you are at work, your kids are being taken care of properly. This could mean finding a good nanny, or a day care centre or playhome, or enlisting your friends and family to help. Your parents, if they are willing, could be a good choice.

2. Calendar

Mark important dates on the calendar that is visible for everyone at home to see. This could include holidays, important days for your kids such as school events, birthdays, dates by which bills have to be paid, etc. Look at this calendar every day to make sure that you don’t make plans on days which you have already committed to. It’ll also help keep your schedule organized.

3. Prioritize

Make a list of things to do in order of how you prioritize it. Highest priority on top. This will help you ensure that you don’t miss out on important work. When prioritizing, make sure you aren’t neglecting either the home or the workplace.

4. Communication

Organize a system so that everyone at home knows what everyone else is up to. The calendar could be a great way to this. Let your family know what’s going on in your life and don’t be afraid to ask for help when needed. Communicate your needs to each other. If you need your husband to take care of kid duties one night, don’t be shy to ask.

5. Divide Time

Divide time between home and work, in such a way that you are not neglecting either. Make sure that on the days you have important work things, you give those things the time they deserve, and on days you need to be there for your family, you are. Don’t be afraid to ask for time off (from either).

6. Me-Time

You’ve probably heard this a lot of times, but taking some me-time can help a lot. Even if it’s just a few minutes in the day, do it. Take a break from everyone to just destress and calm down from the flurry of activity. Maybe you could take this time out between work and home as a transition between the two, or at night before going to bed, as a wind-down session for the day.

7. Prepare

For those of you with Type-A personality, this could be a lot of fun and satisfaction. Try to prepare for the next day ahead of time. This preparation could include making a list of things you have to do the next day, or laying out your clothes and your kids clothes for the next day, or planning out what to cook for breakfast. Prepare ahead so that you aren’t stressed and rushing in the morning to get everything together.

8. Sharing Is Caring

This is especially true when it comes to work, professional or home. Divide chores of home between different people. Your husband can do laundry, the kids can put away their toys or vacuum the house, you can do the cooking. Divide the work as it suits your family best. The same goes for the workplace. Delegate and divide work in such a way that every task is being done efficiently. This can make the work done faster, more efficient, and less tiring.

9. 100%

Remember to give your 100% wherever it is. When you’re at home, give your 100%, when you’re at work, give your 100%. It’s not a question of dividing it 50-50 between work and home. When you’re at home, avoid thinking about work or scheduling work calls. When you’re at work, stop worrying about the laundry or the guests who are coming home at night.

10. Guilt-Free

This is the most important factor if you truly want to achieve balance in life. Do not feel guilty about what you’re doing. If you’re doing what you like and you feel like you’re able to manage, do not let other people’s talk interfere with your life. Do not let people tell you that you should be spending all your time at home to run a good home. Inversely, do not let people tell you that your family life is interfering with your work and that you should stop taking time off or that you should give work more importance. Be guilt-free. Guilt-free means you are happy, which means you add to the positivity in both places.











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