Baby Bath: Step By Step Tips To Bathing Your Baby

Baby Bath: Step By Step Tips To Bathing Your Baby

27 Apr 2022 | 5 min Read

Sayani Basu

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Your baby does not require a bath everyday. But, you should wash your little one’s face, neck, hands and bottom carefully every day. Bathing your baby two to three times a week is enough to keep them clean. But, if your baby is sweaty and enjoys bath time, a quick bath every day is fine. A bath at the end of the day can also be relaxing and calming.

You can keep the tub time shorter, for about 10-15 minutes. Any longer and you put your little one at a risk for dry skin. If your toddler already has dry skin, it’s better to give the little one shorter, lukewarm baths.

We have listed down 10 ways that would make your toddler’s bath time a breeze. Take a look!

Where To Bath Your Baby?

Some people use a sink for bathing a baby so you can use a sink or a plastic bath tub as long as your baby fits into it comfortably. Make sure you line the sink or tub with a clean soft towel. You can use a baby bath tub until your baby is too big to fit into it comfortably. Once the baby grows bigger, you can bath your baby in the big bath. Some baby bath tubs can be used for newborns till they become toddlers.

Safety Tips For Baby Bath Time

Two main things to keep in mind while bathing babies or toddlers is to keep them safe from scalds and drowning.

Firstly make sure you are not multitasking while giving your baby a bath. Keep your phone away while bathing the baby.

Use a non-slip bath mat in the bath and also one on the floor if you are bathing your baby in the bathroom.

Wash your hands before you give your baby a bath.

Keep all the bathing essentials like shampoo, soap, towel, cotton, lotions at an arms reach so you don’t move your attention away from the baby while he/she in in the tub.

Make sure you check the water temperature before you place your baby in the bath.

Keep all lotions, shampoos, creams, soaps away from your baby or toddlers reach.

Steps To Properly Wash Your Toddler

You can start by giving your baby an oil massage before the bath. Use an organic coconut oil for your toddler’s hair and gently massage the scalp. Make sure the coconut oil is extra virgin and cold-pressed and free from chemicals and toxins.

For you baby’s body massage use a massage oil that keeps your toddler’s skin delicate, smooth and supple and is enriched with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Take a few drops of the massage oil in your palms and rub them together. Gently massage your baby’s body in circular motion.

1.Fill the bathtub with lukewarm water: A bath temperature of 98.6°F (between 37°C and 38°C) is mostly recommended for toddlers. They feel this temperature to be calming and relaxing.

Always draw the bath for your toddler and check the water temperature before the little one sits on the tub.

2. Lower your baby gently into the bath: Keep a hand on your baby at all times while lowering her/him into the bath.

3. Go from head to toe: While washing your toddler, it’s best to work from the top down. Use a washcloth to gently wipe them. Starting with the face, gently move towards their neck and body, and wipe their genitals and bottom last.

You should also pay close attention to folds or crevices (neck, ears, sides of nose) which are often grimy.

You can also use baby wipes for cleaning the neck, ears and the sides of your toddler’s nose.

This hand wash will keep germs at bay and is gentle on your toddler’s delicate skin. | Image Source:

4. Use a hand wash to keep germs miles away from your toddler: Using a hand wash has become all the more important in today’s pandemic situation.

A hand wash with an ultra-mild formulation for your toddler will be tough on germs and gentle on your little one’s delicate hands.

5. Use a body wash to deeply nourish your little one’s skin: You can opt for a body wash that has been specifically designed for babies to confer them the perfect nourishment. It gently cleanses the skin without stripping away natural oils and soothes dryness.

Take a coin-sized amount of the body wash in your palms and rub them together. After gently massage your baby’s skin in circular motion, rinse with lukewarm water.

6. Use a baby shampoo that will gently cleanse your little one’s scalp: A baby safe baby shampoo will not only gently cleanse the little one’s scalp but also keep it hydrated and avoid the excess dryness. There’s no need to wash your toddler’s hair everyday with a shampoo. Once a week is fine.

Before applying shampoo on your toddler’s hair, wet his/ her hair with water. Pour a coin-sized amount onto the moistened hand and create a soft lather. After massaging it on your toddler’s hair, rinse it and dry the hair with a towel.

This massage oil promises to keep your toddler’s skin delicate and smooth. | Image Source:

7. Use a body lotion for your little one after bath: After bath, wrap your baby in a dry soft baby towel to keep them warm. Apply a body lotion and dress them in clean fresh clothes. A body lotion not only provides deep nourishment and moisturises the little one’s skin but also calms skin-irritation.

A toddler’s bath time can be stressful. But you and your little one can be a bathing pro if you follow some of the expert tips. If your little one has dry skin or any kind of skin rash like eczema, it is advisable to ask your paediatrician about the best way to bath or wash them.

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