Beauty Tips Straight From Mothers Xyz

Beauty Tips Straight From Mothers Xyz

22 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Mothers are the lifeline of our life while also being our friend and our teachers. From teaching us how to tie a shoelace to teaching us how to make a 7-course meal it’s our mothers who teach it all. Whether we need to complain about dad or cry our heart out, our mother is always there ready to listen and take action. And the advice they give is right on and from their own self-experience because obviously they too were once of the same age as us. Even you will have to agree, the beauty and health tips she gave you must have definitely been a life saviour on multiple occasions and we know that. So, recounting those memories, we have made a list of a few of these beauty tips.

1. Multani mitti all the way

The best go to substance of all mothers for any kind of skin problem is Fuller’s earth or Multani mitti. If you have a tan or dry skin, make a paste of Multani mitti with water, apply on your skin and wash. This will definitely get your skin back to the same glow it earlier had. This particular tip straight from mothers and grandmothers is sure to keep your skin wrinkle free and healthy.

2. Aloe Vera

The mother of all beauty tips, aloe vera is the answer to all your skin and hair problems. Put aloe vera gel on your hair and get both nourishment and softness and apply on the skin to make it smooth.

3. The curd pack

We have all heard our mothers talk about the goodness of curd for our skin and hair. All you need to do is apply curd on the face to get a complete glow and apply on your hair for silkiness and to reduce dandruff and split ends.

4. Weekend hot oil champi

The best stress buster, hair nourisher and hair beautifier, a hot oil champi on the weekends will repair all your hair damage through the week. Though your mother used to do it on weekdays too, we know how much work you need to do and hence a weekend remedy for you.

5. Haldi treatment

Ever wondered why there is a special haldi ceremony in Hindu weddings? Well, besides it being a ritual, Haldi or Turmeric has great skin treatment qualities as well. Apply turmeric paste on your arms to remove tan and on the face to remove dark spots and to get a glowing skin.

6. Egg- the conditioner of old days

Have excess dandruff or hair fall? Use egg on your hair when bathing and both your problems will reduce to great levels. Eggs have many hidden qualities which the researchers have only begun to understand but our mothers and grandmothers have been using it for decades to protect their hair and make them better.

We have respected and idolized our mothers and not just their emotional strength and understanding but also their physical attributes and the way they take care of themselves and they rarely bought hair care products from the market. Instead, they used these home remedies. And guess what? They worked. Almost all of them do work and we can have the word of the most trusted person in the world- Our Mothers.