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Best Mom Blogs In India

Best Mom Blogs In India

27 May 2022 | 5 min Read


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Hello, Mums of the world.

When you have long days and the nights prove longer, that’s the life of a mummy hard at work. Are you in the lurch with mummy issues and seek an out? Well, here are 10 internet havens for you to seek refuge in:


Nothing is off limits ladies, seek and you shall find. From getting pregnant to having your little ones to letting them go. Chetana’s ingenious blog is a whole lot of enlightenment in a few little clicks.

One word ladies, calculator; There are tons of calculators, from an ovulation calculator to a baby horoscope one! Make sure you don’t miss out. The wide array of topics to scroll away at will bring joy to your heart. You can read for hours on end and feel one with this blog, it claims to be your best friend and it will deliver.


Your one stop destination for all things mommy! Go crazy with questions at their ‘Ask an Expert’ section and indulge in their dynamic articles on the daily. Sangeetha Menon has done a phenomenal job of making pregnancy seem like a walk in the park.

The Home Remedies section is a winner and should not be scrolled past; it is a one stop solution to everyday problems little babies are faced with. What are you waiting for? The answers await.


This vibrant website will be the wind beneath your wings, mummy. All sorts of ideas to bounce off your head and tons for you to share. Make way for little things for your tiny tots. Shopping for them has never felt so fulfilling.

The ‘EAT’ tab will steal your heart, the meal plans listed out here are more than adequate.Lose yourself in the sheer perfection of this website by Mansi Zaveri. You will never look back!


Your search for fun things to do with your kid, has come to an end. Let ArtsyCraftsyMom dance into your life and flood your life with color and crafts. From origami to DIY’s to just hours of fun with your kid.

The Mythology E-books under Exotic India are a thing of beauty and a must read for every tiny tot. Bond with your kid and be completely productive while at it with Shruti Bhat’s website of wonders.


Let all fear take the backseat for Dr Mommy is here! A treasure trove of recipes just wait to be discovered ladies. Get on over to the website and learn how to eat right and eat yummy. Your kids will love you for it.

The weight loss section will win you over and what better way of going from flabs to fab than with a doctor’s help? Subscribe to their newsletter and you won’t be disappointed. Kudos Dr. Hemapriya, amazing website you got there!


Head on over to the Musings section for all the know how’s of babyhood. It’s a baby’s world and you’ll know that once you visit this unique blend of a website. Age old ideas and modern how to’s, this place has it all.

Visit ‘Magic Box’ with loads things for your little one to do. Priya brings out the triumphs and failures of motherhood in her blogs and does a thorough job of giving a mom, everything she needs, on hand.


For those mummies mad about mathematics, this place is for you! Help your kids help themselves with crazy good, vedic maths. There’s a whole section dedicated to it and has the potential to put your kid, ahead of the pack. The Fiction section is a good way to pass the time too.

Product reviews section on the website is going to equip you with everything you need to know before making a purchase. Umamaheswari Anandane has equipped this kickass website with all things mommy and it’s a must read.


Wholesome, it is; mummies find your way here and you won’t look back. Reviews and nutrition and travel and fitness, everything to keep you up to speed and uplifted.

Aloka is a lactation educator and hence you’re bound to find articles on it that are on point. She takes up lactational classes that you could sign up for on the website! Head on over, now!


If the polka dotted background doesn’t fix whatever is wrong in your life, the articles sure will. A few articles here and there and you’ll never want to leave. The kids fashion section is interesting, out of the box and something you should definitely look into.

The content isn’t limited to mommy things which is the best part. Beauty and healthcare are things you could look up, too. Good work Jaishri!


Maa of all blogs, it certainly is. This blog preaches wellness and fitness and all things ‘health’ along with the oh so obvious mummy things. Celebrity tips and tricks is another thing to look into, here.

Visit the ‘experts panel’ without fail! Having an awful day? Prerna’s insightful little blog is sure to brighten up your day.

Happy Reading Mummies!











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