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Breast Pump Buying Guide By Philips Avent

Breast Pump Buying Guide By Philips Avent

22 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Breast pumps are the ideal option for moms when they have to be away from their babies. . Mothers can express milk into any hygienic container, which can later be fed to their babies by a caregiver or a family member, while the moms are away . They can also be used by mothers to stimulate milk production, or if a mother is suffering from sore nipples or plugged milk ducts. However, when it comes to deciding which breast pump to use, it often gets quite confusing.

Here is a guide to help you decide the right breast pump for you.

Points to note:

-Clean all pump parts after each use with soap and warm water

-Never get a used pump, as there are chances of infection

-Use Closed System breast pumps when using the electrical kind. This will ensure no milk can flow into the tubing that connects the pump with the motor

-Use a pump designed not only for suction but also for comfort. Soft silicone cushions on the suction cup, ergonomic design of the pump, and separate stimulation and expression modes are features to look for

-When using only one side of a dual pump, seal the other side

There are several types of pumps available in the market. We have listed the two main pumps mothers opt for based on their use.

For frequent use: Electric Breast Pumps

If you are going to be using breast pumps for a long time, you should opt for Electric pumps.. The motor and suction functions on these pumps work smoothly and efficiently. Some of the best pumps come with a suction pattern that mimics the peristaltic suckling action of a baby. This encourages faster milk flow with its multiple settings of stimulation & expression. Also look for a pump with discrete motor sound. This is a suitable option for working moms who need to pump every day. To order an electric breast pump for yourself, click here!

For occasional use: Manual Breast Pump

These pumps are ideal for those moms who only need to pump occasionally – when heading out of the house for a couple of hours or while travelling. Good pumps have an ergonomic handle design so as to enable a mother to effortlessly pump for twenty odd minutes, if required. Be careful that you choose pump designed for comfort so that you don’t suffer from repetitive strain injury. They are inexpensive, compact and portable. Click here if you want to buy an manual breast pump right away.

With this guide, we hope you can find the right breast pump for yourself. Share this with all the mothers you know.












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