Breech Baby Positions During Pregnancy

Breech Baby Positions During Pregnancy

28 Nov 2022 | 2 min Read

Seema Bhatia

Author | 29 Articles

A breech baby is a term used when the baby’s buttocks or feet are positioned to come out first from your vagina during birth. For a full-term pregnancy, a breech baby accounts for approximately 3% – 4 %. 

Breech position is quite common in early pregnancy, but it’s a natural tendency with most babies to move their heads in a way that it comes out first from the vagina during birth. In most babies, the return back to the normal position with their heads towards the vagina happens by the 36th week. But as mentioned in a few that’s not the case. 

The ideal breech position seen in babies is with their head facing downwards toward your back and chin tucked in the chest. 

4 breech positions that may be possible for a baby to be in are: 

  • A footling breech in which one or both the feet of the baby point downwards and tend to come out (delivered) before the rest of the body.
  • A complete breech in which the buttocks point downwards and the hips along with the knees are flexed. 
  • The transverse lie is another breech position in which the baby appears horizontally across the uterus instead of being in a vertical position. This position makes the baby’s shoulders enter the vagina first. 
  • Frank breech in which the buttocks of the baby are aiming at the vagina. In this position, the legs stick straight up in the front of their body making the feet are placed nearer to the baby’s head.

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