Bringing Your Newborn Home: All You Need To Know

Bringing Your Newborn Home: All You Need To Know

4 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Excited at the arrival of your little bundle of joy and preparing for his first visit to the place you call ‘home’? Well here are some tips for having a great and welcome:

1. Sanitize:

The newborn baby is susceptible to diseases and infection hence it is best to sanitize your home before the arrival. Also, the baby’s room needs to be cleaned from dust and dirt. Thus vacuuming and dusting should be done twice every day and preferably: by the time the baby has his royal bath. Remember to use a light disinfectant or floor cleaner for the room.

2. Stock Baby supplies:

Although you will have grandparents to help you with the transition process still be stocked with essential baby supplies like diapers, infant formulas, baby care products, etc. Remember the baby needs a frequent diaper change and thus be prepared for the feed-poop-feed-sleep cycle. For this have a bedside drawer ready with all the essential supplies so that the needs of the newborn can be easily tended to. A nursing pillow can help position your kid easily and ease the pressure.

3. Get Help:

Grandparents and other doting relatives will be more than happy to help you with your baby. Remember as new parents things will be difficult and you need to ask for help. The flu shots can keep baby safe from the ‘caretakers’ and infection. (Basically get flu shots administered to all the ga-ga family). Also, keep a doctor’s number ready to handle any kind of emergency (Keep an eagle’s watch on your newborn’s activities and redress any change in pattern immediately).

For the selection of a paediatrician: proximity and availability should be given preference. People may feel you have gone crazy by asking questions but remember it’s good for your baby so don’t hesitate. (The shy parents can consult us).

4. Limit the baby fans:

Remember the baby is a star attraction on the family list and everyone will love to cuddle. Firstly: limit the number of visitors in the baby’s room. This will further lower the chances of infection and give you time to rest. Also, keep a good sanitizer ready for the visitors to help themselves before touching the baby. The love and pamper in Indian homes is readily passed to the baby but as a parent, you need to limit the thronging numbers by saying a polite ‘no’. Else your little one will be overstimulated and refuse to stay calm.

5. Handle Pets and children:

Well both of your older kids: pets and children will feel uncomfortable on the arrival of the new competition. Further, they are carriers of numerous infections as well. Prepare the older kids for the arrival and ask them to help you with little baby tasks and allow them to bond under a watchful eye. Similarly, pets sense the arrival of a new one so get excited at your arrival. Limit their movement in the baby’s room and remember to bring suitable shampoos for their hygiene.

6. Baby medicine box:

An easy to reach medicine box and a table calendar can prove Lifesavers for Mommy dearest. The baby medicine schedule should be pasted and a wall clock in the area of vision be installed. This helps keep things simple and sorted. If you have a preterm little guy then get a weighing machine as well.

Remember you are raising a kid and not meeting an appraisal. Hence no amount of how-to guides will prove sufficient. Celebrate your personalised exercise with the newborn and smile!

Happy parenting!!











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