Busted!! Age Old Myths Xyz

Busted!! Age Old Myths Xyz

22 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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The age old foods that our mothers and their mothers ate during pregnancy actually had no effect on the way we were born. The way we were born was because of our parents’ genes and because of evolution. The only other thing that affects a baby during pregnancy is the diseases the mother might have and the environmental conditions. To get you out of these myths followed by our parents and ancestors we have made a list of 10 such food myths.

1. Having saffron will make the baby fairer

Every research in the world has concluded that there is no effect of food in any way on the complexion of a child. Saffron is one of the most expensive spice and this myth just puts a huge strain on the earnings while the mother keeps having it unnecessarily. Just forget about your baby’s complexion and love them the best you can.

2. Salty food and sweet food cravings

Another myth that people believe is that if during pregnancy the mother has a craving for salty food then she will have a boy and if she has a craving for sweet food then she will have a girl. There is no way through which the type of food a mother wants can tell the sex of the child. The only way to determine the gender of a child is through medical tests.

3. Drinking ghee will increase chances of normal delivery

Whether the mother will have a normal delivery or a cesarean depends entirely on the health of the mother, condition of the child and if the mother has any illnesses or not. No food in any way will affect the type of delivery you will have and years of scientific research has proved it.

4. Eating spicy food will induce labour

Your delivery date is in no way affected by the type of food you have irrespective of its taste. Don’t just take our word for it, there is actual research involved which states the same thing.

5. Papayas and pineapples cause miscarriage

A miscarriage is caused due to an abnormality in the foetus or any disease of sorts. It is the nature’s way of protecting the mother and stopping the growth of harmful cells. There is no food due to which miscarriage is caused. Just eat everything in moderation and you will be all set.

6. The mother has to eat for 2 people

The foetus is a small part of the mother’s body and does not require more than 300-400 calories which are way less than a normal person’s diet and all the extra calories affect the mother’s weight only. So just eat how much ever you feel like and don’t overdo it in anyway else all the extra calories will be shown on your own weight.

7. The cold and sour foods

Another food myth states that having cold and sour food during pregnancy will make you catch a cold and will affect the baby. Citrus fruits too come in the cold and sour food category and contain Vitamin C which is an important vitamin for both the mother and the child. If you catch a cold then it will be because of the environment only.