Can Your Body Odour Indicate A Sickness

Can Your Body Odour Indicate A Sickness

1 Jul 2022 | 2 min Read


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Body odour does not always signify the threat of a disease. You have little to worry about if you maintain a healthy and hygienic lifestyle. The odour that your body exerts is the consequence of the chemical and metabolic developments that are altering the chemical composition of your body.

Certain serious illnesses tend to give out bad odour that distances you from various prospects of a normal life. Odour that is off-putting can attract impolite gestures towards you, but know that it is not always a result of lack of hygiene and sweat. Sweat that mixes with the foreign chemicals released by your body gives off this unpleasant smell.

If deodorants and sprays have not been able to ease you of your discomfort, consulting the doctor should be a priority. Inevitable bad odour can be the initial symptom of a serious disease. Consult a dermatologist to confirm a disorder or disease, before assuming the worst.

Bad breath and unbearable underarm smell can be signs of such abnormalities. Smell that resembles beer, garbage, fishy smell, etc. are odours that could be signs of Yellow Fever, Scrofula, Schizophrenia or Syphilis to name a few.

Not all diseases give out odour and certainly not all are bad odours. Diphtheria is one such example of a disease that gives out a sweetish odour. Be sure to consult the doctor in the off chance that you feel there is a likelihood of a disease.

Bad odour or a change in odour is one of the symptoms followed by numerous others warning from your body of a disease. Specifically in the onset of summer, bad odour can be often neglected as a common phenomenon. If there are other unusual signs, consult the doctor for an assured negative test.











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