Causes For Postpartum Stress

Causes For Postpartum Stress

25 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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There once was a woman named Stacy.

A mother of two was she.

So many things would get her worked up,

After every pregnancy.

Stacy is every one of you out there who is worried about what happens after you give birth, as well as every one of you who is already in that stage. It’s not hard to understand how you could have a million things stressing you out, such as sleep cycles, baby food, baby proofing, getting sick, separation anxiety, etc., etc. We know how tough it can get when you have a child. Having another person whose life depends on you is no doubt pressurizing. With great pressure comes great stress.

So we’re here to highlight some of these stressors and ways of dealing with them, which will hopefully help you out in whatever situation you find yourself in.

1. Breastfeeding:

A common reason for stress comes up when mothers have to start breastfeeding. Most of the times, the pressure of breastfeeding properly can be stressful for a mother. If the baby is unable to latch or if she is unable to produce sufficient milk, she usually ends up blaming herself for it. . Sometimes, due to baby’s incorrect position and attachment to mother’s breast can lead to sore and cracked nipples. It can be extremely painful for mothers while breastfeeding. Mothers can keep handy a nipple cream, like Himalaya’s Nipple Care Butter, enriched with natural and herbal actives that intensely moisturizes, and, at the same time, heals sore and cracked nipples. Consult a lactation expert if these problems persist for too long.

2. Sleep cycles:

This is a major cause of stress for parents, not only due to lack of sleep, but also for health concerns. Initially, babies have sleep cycles very different to your own, however these tend to normalize as your baby grows. One way to speed up the normalisation process, you could try to create a soothing environment at night time which would induce your baby to sleep. This could include putting on some slow, calming music, dimming the lights, and feeding your baby warm milk. Soon enough, you and your child will be taking naps together. #bondinggoals

3. Body weight:

A very common cause of concern with women who have newborn babies is their own weight. Some of us may feel the need to try to get our bodies in (or back in) shape after the ordeal experienced during pregnancy and childbirth. Some of us may want it to happen as quick as possible. While it is important for the body to be healthy, it’s critical to note that your body is not just your own for the first few months after you give birth. Your body is currently being used to feed your baby as well, and so much care must be taken while considering diets. We must also ensure that we do not overuse or exhaust our bodies trying to lose weight

The moral of the story is, we can all find ourselves in the same position as Stacy, but with time and effort we’ll make it through. Stay positive and don’t be afraid to ask for help and support.











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