Common Home Pregnancy Tests In India

Common Home Pregnancy Tests In India

30 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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Need to figure out if you are pregnant but don’t want to make a trip to the doctor’s? Well your search for home pregnancy tests that you could administer yourself, has come to an end. Find out whether your morning sickness checks out as an early pregnancy symptom!

One thing to keep in mind before you take these pregnancy tests is that your first urine of the day, is the one to use. This is simply because the first urine of the day, has an abundance of Hcg (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin), that forms within the body only once you are pregnant. It is also imperative that the urine is still warm while you conduct these tests. It is a good idea to put the urine in a transparent disposable glass so you could watch closely and observe, what goes on. Lets begin!

1.The Toothpaste Test

Things you will need: A tablespoon of toothpaste, a cup of urine
So toothpaste, not a difficult thing to find unless your oral hygiene isn’t on point. So grab one, preferably one that is white in color. Squeeze a handful of it into a transparent glass. Your already accumulated pee goes in there. Watch for a few minutes while you cross your fingers and toes. If the toothpaste turns blue, it’s time you get that pram you have eyeing at the baby store! You’re pregnant!

2.The Vinegar Test

Things you will need: Vinegar (Apple cider if available), a cup of urine
Finding vinegar is no mean feat and can be gleaned from just one good, hard look through your kitchen cabinets. So, combine half a glass of vinegar with just as much urine. Watch for a change in color and if it does happen, in about nine months, a little bundle of joy will make his way into your world! Yay!

3.The Sugar Test

Things you will need: Sugar, a cup of urine
A sugar test that may end up, sweetening your life! Take a couple of spoons of sugar and prop it into a transparent glass; Add your first urine from the morning into the glass. If the sugar instead of dissolving, coagulates, you have a reason to smile. You’re about to be a mother! You’re pregnant ! Congratulations!

4.The Bleach Test

Things you will need: Bleach, a cup of urine
Okay so this one pregnancy test is rather strange but give it a shot, nonetheless. A bottle cap brimming with bleach is what you will need. Pour it into a glass followed by urine. Wait for foam and and a fizzing sound, if it does occur, you should start eating for two!

5.The Simple Urine Test

Things you will need: A cup of urine, Patience
This test isn’t for the impatient ones among us. Put away the collected urine overnight. If in the morning, there’s a layer of white froth on the very top. You, my dear, are pregnant!

Pregnancy cannot be determined right away, always keep sight of that. It usually takes a week from your missed date, for hCG to become evident in your bodily fluids. So if the test reads negative, it’s probably because it’s too early to tell.

Dear to-be mums, please keep in mind that a test, that isn’t affirmative now, can read otherwise, later. Don’t let disappointment take you over. It is always a good idea ladies, to bring home a pregnancy kit just to be sure. All tests, homemade or store bought, carry with them a margin of error. Statistically, a negative reading could be wrong for a whole bunch of reasons but a positive reading, usually, never is.

If you are pregnant, gear up, you’re in for the ride of your life. Sleeplessness, morning sickness and the constant peeing that you, for the life of you, have no hold over. Think of creative ways to tell your partner,family and friends! Go crazy about health, nutrition and books on pregnancy. Give yoga a chance. Stack up on folic acid and the wackiest things you can think of eating at the strangest of times. Prepare to completely lose it at times and have absolute clarity at other times.

Being a mum takes bravado and a little support. Be selfish mummy, don’t be afraid to ask for things of people. Your body is sacred, don’t despise the changes it undergoes during the course of your pregnancy. Have yourself an amazing pregnancy, Beautiful!











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