Common Myths About Giving Birth Xyz

Common Myths About Giving Birth Xyz

25 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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During pregnancy, you surely would have heard of a lot of childbirth stories and experiences. Some of them would have scared you, while some of them would have changed your perspective of giving birth. But what you need to realize is that your own experience is unique by itself. What you feel, experience and think may not be the same as that of your own mother when she was giving birth to you.

You might have had your elders feeding you saffron so that the child will have glowing and fair skin. We are so obsessed with the color of the skin that we can literally do anything to have a child born with fair skin. Kesar (saffron) wala doodh is given to pregnant women. Saffron does have health benefits like enhancing your immunity and de-stressing you, but changes in the color of the skin?? Not quite right.

Here are few common myths that will blow your minds away.

1. Your position during sexual intercourse can have an effect on the gender of your baby

Having a baby boy is an obsession among some people. No wonder people come up with different ideas to have a baby boy. Apart from drinking ‘Baba Ji’s’ prescribed meds, there is apparently a different sex position, which will surely bless you with a male child. Now that’s just plain stupid because genetic material is something you do not have control over.

2. Fancy tricks to get you into labor

Yeah, you read that right. To induce labor ‘naturally’, women try things like having sex, walking around, eating spicy and hot food, hypnosis and acupuncture, nipple stimulation and lastly, drinking castor oil.

Did you know drinking castor oil will not only cause dehydration, but will induce nausea and leave you with diarrhea?!

Hypnosis and acupuncture can help in relaxation and management of pain during childbirth. But why would you torture yourself by drinking castor oil?

3. Eat for two? How about a NO!

This is the biggest myth of all times. As far as your baby’s and your health is concerned, you only need to eat just 200 extra calories over your regular calorie intake a day during pregnancy, that too during your third trimester. Eat healthy snacks to reduce the nauseous sensation.

4. Childbirth is exactly what you watched in your tv serials and movies

Did your cramps make you feel like childbirth was ever going to be a cake walk? What you watch on TV is nothing but melodrama and fiction. Although it is painful and risky sometimes, not all births are that complicated.

5. Giving birth? Lie on your back only

Nobody forces you to be comfortable in a fixed position. There is a choice, which is all yours to give birth in the position that you find comfortable. However, being upright is important while giving birth.

6. Glowing skin..may be a boy!

First of all, science does not prove any correlation with glowing skin and the gender of the baby. So, if you have glowing skin, you’re probably taking good care of yourself. This myth is just too ridiculous to even exist!

7. Shapely hips? Ahh, you’re a fine fertile woman!

Another silly myth. You must have heard this one too often. But the truth is, your hips don’t give out anything about your labor. You never know what kind of complications will arise.











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