Daddies Never Say These Things To Mommies Xyz

Daddies Never Say These Things To Mommies Xyz

25 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Motherhood is not as easy as your wife makes it look. We know the dads are new at it, but so is the mother. Husbands might say something out loud that sounded much better in their head, but the way wives perceive it will be completely different. So, here’s a basic guide on things to avoid telling a mom. We hope that the dads will get an idea on how to talk to their better halves after reading this.

1. That’s a mom’s job

As a mom, she already has enough on her plate without you having to classify things based on her gender. Unless you’re talking about breastfeeding, there’s no such thing as a “mom’s job”.

2. You’re so lucky you don’t have to work tomorrow

Yes, mums get it, you work for the household, you toil away at your office to provide food for your family, but you know who else spends literally every minute of their day for the house? Your wife. So, the next time you consider saying things like ‘It must be nice not to have to work’, think of all the things she has to endure.

3. Where’s my…

Where’s my bag? Where’s my watch? Where’s my wallet? Why? Why do you expect her to know where you’ve placed your things? You don’t want to add to her troubles by asking her for every small thing you can’t find. It’s better you develop a better memory or get started on searching for those keys.

4. I’ll babysit the kids tonight

Sure, why don’t you ‘babysit’ your kids? There’s nothing moms hate more than hearing dads say he’ll take care of things she’s supposed to be doing. S/he’s your child too, so it’s not babysitting when you take care of them.

5. Are we going out for dinner again?

Once in a while, she might not feel like cooking a meal and might prefer to get a takeout or go out for dinner. What’s the big deal? If you want to eat home-cooked food all the time, then why don’t you try your hand in the kitchen?

6. The house is a little dirty

So, you see a toy or two lying around in the living room or maybe there are some unwashed clothes. When you have kids in the house, it’s not easy to keep it squeaky clean. Your wife is tired and has other important things, like your child’s upbringing, to bother about rather than things like untidy tables.

7. Maybe you’re doing it wrong

If you have a suggestion or two about how she’s handling things, please don’t tell it to her face. Maybe she is doing something wrong, but she doesn’t appreciate you telling her off or saying things like ‘My mother says you need to do it like that.’