Dealing With Toddler Tantrums

Dealing With Toddler Tantrums

27 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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She’s still so cute. Omg.


Why do toddlers throw tantrums?

Your toddler will eventually grow out out of throwing tantrums but it can become a habit even as he/she grows older if he/she gets used to getting whatever they want after throwing tantrums. Children throw tantrums when they find it difficult to handle their emotions or when they do not know how to handle a certain situations. Kids have trouble expressing themselves which gets them frustrated and this may result in them throwing tantrums. They might also throw tantrums if they are tired, hungry or thirsty.

How to handle toddler tantrums?

1. Identify tantrum triggers

Find out.


Find out what triggers tantrums and avoid such situations. Keeping a record of your toddler’s tantrums can give you an idea about what frustrates your child and you can take measures to avoid it.

2. Stay calm and composed

Hide your temper better.


Whatever situation you’re in don’t loose your cool and act in a manner which you might regret later. Take in deep breaths or calm yourself with happy thoughts. Even if your toddler had an outburst in public know that he/she did not mean to embarass you or cause trouble. You just have to take your time and compose yourself.

3. Ignore your child

The tantrum will, not your child. Lol


Just give your child sometime to think of what he/she has done. Let him/her reflect on it. Don’t give into a tantrum. Your child will then feel that he/she can throw tantrums and get what he/she wants and you DON’T want to encourage that.

4. Try positive parenting

The glass is always half full.


Just forget your anger and react positively. It can take you a long way. Reacting harshly can dent your child’s attitude and make things worse. It may just make your child angrier or more upset. But if your child sees that you are trying he/she will try too. Teach through example.

5. Create a distraction

You can do better than this bird.


Diverting attention is the best way to temporarily take care of a tantrum. You’ll need to work differently to permanently resolve the problem but this is a good start.

6. Get out of there

Carry your baby and RUN.


If your toddler throws a tantrum somewhere public or at a social gathering, the best you can do is get out of there. At least for a few minutes and then take it up with your child. You’re bound to resolve it and then you can enjoy the rest of your time.

7. Say ‘I love you’

You wouldn’t be lying.


Just say I love you. That’s all your toddler might need to hear. No matter how bad the situation. Everyone throws tantrums, it’s only natural. You should even be happy that your little bundle of joy is trying to express him/her-self. Maybe not how you want him/her but give him/her credits for trying.

8. Be the adult

Even if you hate it.


Watching your toddler throw a tantrum might get you annoyed and you might want to throw a tantrum or two of your own. But be the bigger person that you are. You need to be the adult. Even if you don’t want to. Even if things are getting too much to handle. You can do it.

9. Just talk it out

Words are a good start.


Your toddler is big enough or at least they are growing. So express yourself and ask your tiny kid to express him/her-self. That’s the only way to resolve the problem. Find the source of the problem and tackle it head on.

10. Reward good behaviour

Praise your kid not the lord.


Tantrums are natural. Kids just throw them when they find it difficult to understand a certain situation. They all grow out of it so just give your little one sometime. Before you know it tantrums are just a thing of the past. But how you react and behave to tantrums will determine if your kid will throw them in the future or not so just be slightly careful.











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