Dengue Fever In Babies Xyz

Dengue Fever In Babies Xyz

4 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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These mosquitos are different than the common ones because they bite even during the day time. They breed in areas that are humid and warm climate.

Anybody can fall prey to this disease. That includes your newborn babies too! It is very important for all of us to know how dengue operates as a disease. The basic symptoms are:

-Persistent fever

-Severe headache

-Pain in and behind the ears when you move them

You should know that dengue is a disease which is not contagious. It means that this disease will not spread through touching or by any other means. It is dangerous for babies as they are young and fragile.

They have an immune system but it is not so well developed therefore it is more dangerous and risky for newborns to have. The only remedies you will be left with is what’s made at home. There is no vaccination to avoid this disease.

Symptoms of Dengue in Babies:

The babies who are suffering from this for the very first time will have different symptoms from the others who have suffered previously.

First red flag is when there is high fever after 5-6 days after the baby falls victim to this dangerous disease. This kind of fever is also known as ‘breakbone fever’ because it causes a lot of pain in the bones and body.

There is excruciating pain observed behind the eye, nausea and vomiting are the first noticeable signs that you should look for.

Your baby might have mild nosebleeds, rashes on the skin and bleeding gums. These are the sure shot signs that your baby has been infected by the Dengue virus.

These symptoms are generally a little different in the babies as they are mistaken for any other disease or condition. They are more prominent among the adults.

What is Hemorrhagic Dengue Fever?

It is a severe form of dengue fever which happens to babies. They acquire fever for up to 2-7 days. Once the fever goes down, the other symptoms that could show up could be worse.

During this phase, your baby will experience heavy bleeding, inability to breathe, constant nauseating feeling and then puking a lot!

To cure this, your baby will require immediate assistance and treatment. If you prolong the care, your baby’s health will worsen and lead to organ failure. It could end up being a fatal illness for your little one.

How To Protect Your Baby Against Dengue?

The only thing is by keeping the nasty mosquitos away from your family and keep a close eye on the water you’ve been using.

Make sure you don’t have water accumulated anywhere in your household.

Spray mosquito repellent in your house and apply mosquito repellent cream on your body for further protection.

Fix mesh on your doors and windows so that the mosquitos don’t enter the house.

Clothe your kids with loose and full sleeved and covered clothes.

If you have an air conditioner, turn it ON!! It keeps the mosquitos away.











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