Diaper Changing Guide Xyz

Diaper Changing Guide Xyz

22 Apr 2022 | 4 min Read


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Babies are adorable little angels when they are asleep. When they are awake, they are either crying for their mommies or staring off into space in wonder. You would like it if you could spend all your day simply cuddling your cooing baby or watching them fall asleep but most of your time goes in either feeding your baby or changing your baby’s diapers.

To make your life easier, we have written a number of articles on how you should feed your baby as well as how you can look after your own health. This article has more to do with how to change your baby’s diaper. Even if you think you know how to do it, there is no harm in brushing up on these baby basics. This guide can be used even when you have to change your baby’s diaper on the go.

Disinfect the changing station

Between diaper changes, disinfect the chosen changing station with soap and water. Also, you must clean the diaper changing pads regularly. Wash the covers immediately they get stained and replace them with a fresh one. Keep at least 2-3 covers at the ready for this purpose.

Be prepared for anything!

You should not have to move or leave your baby alone for even a second while changing him/her. Keep all the diaper change essentials – new diaper, baby wipes, powder, diaper pail – within reach. This way you would not have to reach out to open a bathroom cabinet while your baby kicks around and spreads the poop.

The changing station

You have to select the right spot in your house to change your baby’s diaper every day. Since it does involve cleaning up your baby’s poop, a lot of germs could spread from one diaper change. So when changing your baby’s diaper at home, use the same designated spot every time. Avoid changing your baby’s diaper near places where you eat or prepare food – like the kitchen and dining table.

When it comes to changing their diaper when away from home, you would have to set up the right environment to change them. If there is a baby changing table available in the public bathroom, first spread out newspapers and tissues. Place the diaper changing pad over the papers, place your baby over this and then start changing the diaper.

Distract them

When your baby is flailing his/her hands about and kicking his/her feet with all their might, it can be difficult to have a mess-free diaper change. To help reduce their restlessness when you are changing them, make use of distractions. Place toys near your baby to help distract them from the diaper change. Even if this is only a temporary distraction, it can buy you at least a few seconds wherein you can manage to remove the dirty diaper and clean them up.

Proper way to dispose of the diaper

You should roll up the used diaper immediately after removing it and put it into a designated diaper bin. After this, you may proceed to clean your baby up. Rolling it up quickly may take some practice but it is worth it.

A thorough wipe

Before putting on a new diaper, you would need to wipe your baby’s bottom properly. Wipe from front to back to prevent any infections. You can then powder your baby before putting on a clean new diaper. After changing the diaper, you should also wipe their hands, legs and stomach. This is because, while changing their diaper, your baby would have been moving his hands and feet quite a bit and this may have caused the poop to land on their body. So it is important to clean them up properly even if you think there is nothing. To be safe, use a fresh new wipe for each body part.

Washing hands

Wash your baby’s hands and feet immediately after every diaper change. After this, wash your own hands thoroughly.

With all these tips, you can be sure to prevent any diaper related infections or rashes. If you found this article useful, share it with all the moms and babies you care about! 🙂











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