Disney’S Magical Maternity Photoshoot

Disney’S Magical Maternity Photoshoot

13 Apr 2022 | 2 min Read


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Victor, a photographer by profession and Marie, a photo editor had recently had a photo shoot session with 5 mommies to be in Newman’s Castle, Texas. The theme is every woman’s deepest fantasy- Disney Princesses. Yes, you heard that right! The couple was inspired by Disney’s movie Beauty and The Beast, so the idea clicked and the results were just FABULOUS!

Here are some gorgeous photographs of these beautiful mommies to be flawlessly showing off their baby bumps. Enjoy!

This beautiful woman is dressed up as Princess Tiana from ‘The Frog and the Princess’. Look at how graceful she looks with that tiara of flowers on her head!

Look at her glowing in that beautiful outfit!

This beautiful lady was dressed up as ‘Snow White’. Her skin looks flawless and so do her hair!

The dresses you see here were specially handmade by a store called Sew Trendy accessories. They look so gorgeous..isn’t it?

This beautiful bubbly mommy is portraying Princess Jasmin from Aladdin. Her smile and head gear make her look just so perfect in that outfit.

She is just so lucky to have been a part of this magical photoshoot!

The glass slipper used as a prop here makes this photograph so beautiful! This mommy is portraying Cinderella. The clothes she’s wearing highlight her cute little bump in a perfect way.

And finally…

The figure that inspired the couple- Belle, from Beauty and The Beast. They wanted to just take up Belle and have some amazing photos taken. But gladly, they just went ahead with the whole idea of ‘Disney Princess’ and look how adorable these women look!

The grand finale picture is just breathtakingly beautiful!

Ahhh!! Gorgeous isn’t it? these ladies got their dream magical maternity photoshoot! Time for you to take some inspiration and get one for yourself soon.

Picture Courtesy: Vic and Marie photography.