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Do We Really Know Why We Need The Best Sunscreen

Do We Really Know Why We Need The Best Sunscreen

20 May 2022 | 7 min Read


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Summer is our all time favourite weather yet it comes along with various consequences threatening our health and skin. To forewarn is to forearm therefore the best sunscreen for your baby will always protect them from sun’s direct, bright rays. It is the duty of caregivers to choose the best sunscreen for babies suitable according to their skin type; even newborn babies are not an exception to get an access to the best sunscreen.

Sunburns which affect the baby have significant negative damage to the baby later in life and the best sunscreen for your baby will shield them from the harmful rays of the sun. Many people take sun protection for granted but sun damage is real and for the love of our babies we need to take precaution by regularly applying the best sunscreen for the baby, you know will suit their skin type. Baby’s skins are sensitive hence any amount of sun’s bright rays can negatively affect their skin. The best sunscreen for the baby would serve as a defence mechanism for your baby’s skin

The sunscreen industry has been criticised many times because it offers some chemicals which are harmful to the skin. It is more dangerous to go into the sun with the wrong sunscreen for your baby than it is to bask in the sun without any sunscreen for your baby. Hence it is pivotal to recognise the leading best sunscreen for your baby in the market.

We are often afraid of the uncertain when we start considering getting a sunscreen for your baby, we go through various sites checking the best sunscreens for our babies. The value of the best sunscreen is beyond what it is expected to do, the best sunscreen for your baby will not only act as a sun block but work towards keeping your baby’s skin at its supple best.

It goes without saying you need a rigorous screening process to select the best sunscreen for your baby. The chosen sunscreen will always be the best sunscreen for your child in your opinion. Ensure that you apply the correct proportion of the best sunscreen on your baby especially newborn babies whose skins are extremely sensitive and the chemicals in your best sunscreen can sometimes damage their skin.

An ideal way to deal with this will be to apply your chosen best sunscreen for your baby only on surfaces which are not covered by clothing and it should be in small quantities. Though it might be the best sunscreen in town do not go liberal in its usage for you are dealing with an infant’s skin.

Do ensure that you choose the best sunscreen for your baby is suitable for the baby’s skin, in cases where you are not sure if the product is the best sunscreen for your baby starts by applying only a little bit on the forearm maybe a day or two before going into the sun. The reason why we do this is to make sure the baby does not develop a rash as well as checking for other reactions.

Properties of the best sunscreen for your baby

The best sunscreen for a baby under 6 months is nothing the natural shades you create for it like an umbrella or safeguarding it under a tree while you are out in the open. For children above 6 months, using a sunscreen for your baby with zinc oxide is a good idea as they form a barrier and protect the skin from the sun which is what the best sunscreen for your baby is supposed to perform. It is always wise to do a patch test of your best sunscreen on your baby’s forearm if there are any skin rashes displayed then that rest assured that sunscreen for your baby is not the best.

Did you know?

Many times doctors recommend a certain type of sunscreen that deem the best sunscreen yet it can be a form of business marketing. After taking the immense pain in shopping for the best sunscreen for your baby, do not keep the best sunscreen for your baby locked in the cupboard. Do not wait only for summer to apply sunscreen on your baby, it should be a routine even in winter the snow’s glare can affect the baby’s skin. Ensure that the best sunscreen for your baby, you have chosen is used the entire year.

1. You should consider a product that is specifically for children, sunscreen for your baby should contain ingredients which are not absorbed in the skin. These are better sunscreens for your baby than those which penetrate inside.e.g zinc oxide, titanium oxide these are not naturally broad spectrum meaning they protect the skin by deflecting the sun’s rays. Hence the best sunscreen would be devoid of these minerals.

2. The best sunscreens for your baby are usually not repellents. These repellents are a threat to the baby’s skin, especially those below the age of two months.

3. The best sunscreen though is prescribed for the baby can be used by you babies but it is not recommended to use your sunscreen on the baby.

4. Be extra cautious around your child’s face, it is wise to wait until the baby is calm then you can apply the best sunscreen for your baby to its optimal best.

5. The best sunscreen can never be a spray sunscreen for your baby because the product may be inhaled and can damage the baby’s eye and can not be applied to the entire skin.

Even if you are convinced that whatever you have chosen is the best sunscreen do check the container to see what is written, avoid sunscreen with SPF value which is below 30.

Your best sunscreen for your baby should neither have Oxybenzone nor Retinyl Palmitate. Oxybenzone, this has commonly been likely to causing hormonal disorder, therefore, products with it should be avoided. Retinyl palmitate this ingredient may actually trigger sun damage to those parts which have been partly exposed to the sun.

The countdown of the best sunscreen for your baby

To make your search for the best sunscreen for your baby easy, we have compiled a list of 3 best sunscreens for your baby available in the market, you can pick and choose which one is the best sunscreen for your baby that you want to take home!

1. Badger Baby Natural Organic Sunscreen

With SPF 30, the reason why this boasts of being in the best sunscreen league for your baby is that it is a certified product for the safety you are worried about. Containing a dose of sunflower and beeswax, the organic premise of the ingredients is what makes it the best sunscreen for your baby, in the market. Water resistant and odour free are some of the attributes that come along with its best sunscreen tag!

2. Thinkbaby Sunscreen

This sunscreen for your baby is thoughtfully made with naturally sourced products and works more like a sunblock, making it the best product for your baby. An added bonus of being sting-free makes it the best sunscreen for your baby’s face.

3. Babo Botanicals

Predominantly containing zinc, you need to exert a bit of effort to let this sunscreen for your baby work its magic. A pinch of the cream with rubbing and toning it evenly will ensure your baby’s skin is not ghostly white.











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