Do You Know About The Dutch Test Xyz

Do You Know About The Dutch Test Xyz

19 Apr 2022 | 2 min Read


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The ‘Dutch Test’ is nothing but a hormone test which checks the level of hormones presents inside the woman’s body at that time. It gives a rich data of the hormonal levels and through this, we can understand the current health of the woman. We can also find out how the levels will affect the woman’s health as she ages.

What is the DUTCH Test?

The DUTCH– is an acronym that stands for ‘ Dried Urine Total Complete Hormones’. It is quite an easy test which will help you choose a course of action towards healthy living depending on the hormonal balance in your body.

How does it work?

The patient needs to collect 4 samples of urine in a jar and only after 14 hours can the results be obtained. It gives a better reading of the hormones and analysis becomes easier. Instead of using the salivary hormonal panel, your urine can give more in depth readings of the hormonal levels.

What does this test do?

Unlike the medical prescriptions which just help in erasing the symptoms and signs, this test is more authentic in nature as it gives more details about the health of a woman.

Although this test will not ‘cure’ you as it will only give an outline of a number of hormones in your body, the effect they have on you and how much you can reduce to fall into the healthy category. If you’re having an abnormal hair growth pattern on your face and you don’t know why this test will give you answers to it.

No, medicines are not your enemies! They have healing properties and it is alright to pop them when necessary. But taking up this test will give you better answers to your health concerns.

Did you know?

Doing the DUTCH test can actually help you find out if you have a thyroid problem or not!

Why should I test my hormones?

Your hormones are a cluster of chemical compounds that are present in your blood streams. The concentration of these in your blood is sparse and it is measured as parts per trillion.

Hormones although they are sparse and scattered, they regulate all the bodily functions so well. Plus peeing is easier than generating a particular amount of saliva!











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