Do You Know The Different Stages Of The Stretch Marks Xyz

Do You Know The Different Stages Of The Stretch Marks Xyz

19 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Stretch marks are those irregular marks that appear on the surface of the skin when it gets stretched extensively during pregnancy. These stretch marks are nothing but torn tissues due to the sudden looseness of the skin.

Women have stretch marks that range from the color purple to red and white. It is quite common among pregnant women as they have a super stretched tummy. Statistics prove that 9 out of 10 pregnant women have stretch marks on their body.

Sometimes stretch marks appear even without being pregnant. Although it is not a serious condition at all, it could be a sign of you having diabetes or a condition called ‘cushing syndrome’.

Did you know?

Pregnant women and adolescent kids are more susceptible to stretch marks. This is because of the changes their body has to undergo before it attains a little physical stability.

What is the psyche of women?

For a woman, her baby is what matters the most. Out go the physical beauty standards and women learn to embrace themselves even with those stretch marks.

Of course! There is the whole ‘prevention’ thing women do to avoid having stretch marks at all. It is humanly impossible to avoid them because we are designed that way.

The next thing women would do is live in ‘denial’. They tend to do a lot of research and talk to elders about the ways they can deal with their stretch marks.

But when they realize that they cannot stop it from happening, they have to come in terms of ‘acceptance’. It is the final stage in which one finally learns that it is inevitable. Instead of trying to avoid it, women become more positive about their stretch marks and embrace it like it is a part of their beautiful bodies.

What are the different stages of stretch marks?

Stretch marks have been driving women to try out various products which help in reducing them. But little do they know at which stage to apply what kind of cream or ointment.

In fact, many women are unaware of there being stretch marks at all!

Stage 1:

At first when the stretch marks begin to come, they are pink in color and they may feel quite itchy too. Your body isn’t used to so much stretching so, the area that surrounds the stretch marks will become thinning down and appear flat.

Stage 2:

In this stage, your stretch marks will grow in its length and width. It changes its color to red or purple, depending on your body.

Stage 3:

This is the final stage of the stretch marks in which they become mature and lose their pink/ reddish color. Once your baby is born, the marks become silver or white in color and they start to fade and become pale.

At this point, they become more uneven and irregular in shape.

Stretch marks are permanent scars of good on the human body. It shows how selfless a woman can be! The body that was once scar-free is now etched with numerous marks which will never leave.

What do I learn from this?

In the end, it all boils down to being acceptive of the changes that happen. Beauty is all in the mind and the eyes of the beholder. You’re a superwoman who is so selfless in life that you don’t mind your body undergoing major changes..even if it makes you conscious of yourself.

Woman, you’re amazing!











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