Do You Know Why Baby Products With Phenoxyethanol Is A Big NO?

Do You Know Why Baby Products With Phenoxyethanol Is A Big NO?

20 Jun 2022 | 3 min Read

Dr Pooja Marathe

Author | 10 Articles

The moment you hold your little bundle of joy, you make up your mind that you want nothing but the best in this world for your baby. We as a parent are extremely conscious when choosing the products for our baby. The market is flooded with products and at times it gets extremely tough to choose the best for the baby. Honestly, many so-called safe products on the market are loaded with hidden harmful chemicals which can create long-term harm to the baby. Only during my recent research, did I come to know about phenoxyethanol and I was shell shocked to know about the findings.

What is Phenoxyethanol?

Many baby brands are constantly researching and trying to find out new products which aren’t harmful to babies. We are well aware of the ill effects of paraben in baby products but many of us don’t know about phenoxyethanol. It is an alternative to paraben and it is also harmful to the skin and can be the reason for many skincare allergies and rashes. Phenoxyethanol is also created synthetically which can have an ill effect on the skin.

How Phenoxyethanol is synthetically manufactured?

Phenoxyethanol is created synthetically by treating phenol with ethylene oxide in an alkaline medium. It also contains glycol which is commonly found in paint, jet fuel, and lacquer and unfortunately, it is also found in so-called safe newborn baby products. Phenoxyethanol works as a preservative which increases the expiration period of the product. This is why phenoxyethanol is one of the primary ingredients to avoid in baby products.

Why phenoxyethanol is a big NO for babies?

You will be shocked to know that as per recent research phenoxyethanol is toxic for babies and also damage their central nervous system even in small concentration. When phenoxyethanol enters the system it can affect immunity and lead to multiple skin irritations. The excessive use of phenoxyethanol can cause chromosomal changes, lead to genetic mutation, and cause testicular atrophy, which can affect the human reproductive system. Unfortunately, phenoxyethanol holds rank 10 among 3000 allergens which are highly harmful at lower concentrations. The phenoxyethanol side effects are huge.


Prevention is anyway better than cure and it is important for us parents to be well informed about the ingredients present in baby care products. As a parent, we should also double-check the labelling of products to keep a close tab on the ingredients present in them. BabyChakra is one such brand which has zero phenoxyethanol in its products and also offers the best chemical-free baby products that are safe and extremely gentle on the delicate baby’s skin.












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