First Signs Of Cancer

First Signs Of Cancer

6 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Cancer can happen to anybody at any age. Your body shows symptoms initially but you must’ve not noticed it closely. When things get bad that’s when you resort to medical help. In some cases, it doesn’t get detected and then ultimately it is confirmed during the second or the third stage.

However, most humans show the initial signs and seek doctor’s help immediately. It is not impossible to beat cancer! Here are the first small signs that will help you detect cancer:

1. Unexpected weight loss

You will begin losing weight drastically almost up to 4-5 kilograms. This is the most common symptom which will help you understand whether you are diagnosed with cancer.

But it could also indicate that you have pancreatic, lung or stomach cancer.

2. Boils on the skin

Your skin will have mole lookalike boils which are a prominent sign of cancer. These boils occur on the surface of the skin and will get darker with time. Your skin will also become pale and your eyes will have yellowish pigmentation. You should seek quick medication or treatment.

3. Sudden bleeding

If you notice somebody coughing a lot more intensely than a usual cough, chances are that they might be suffering from cancer. This kind of a cough is usually accompanied with blood droplets emitted from the mouth and the nasal cavity.

Consult a doctor immediately!

4. Fatigue

This is the type of tiredness which doesn’t get better with rest. It is a key symptom that can ensure your diagnosis with cancer. In some cases like leukemia (blood cancer), stomach and colon cancer have blood loss in not so obvious ways, therefore you feel extremely tired.

5. Bowel movements alter

Diarrhea, prolonged constipation or any change in the size of the stools can be a sign that you have colon cancer. If you feel a stinging burning sensation when you pee or if you have blood in your urine, you might have prostate cancer.

6. Mouth ulcer

They are the sore patches that come on the inner pink surface on the mouth. An ulcer that lasts long, bleeds and is painful could be an indication of mouth cancer.

People who do drugs, smoke cigarettes, chronic alcoholics and tobacco consumers are prone to this kind of cancer.

Sores on the genitals could be an indication of an STD or an early sign of cancer.

7. Lump in the breast or any other body part

Cancer can be felt through the skin also. It occurs in the testicles, breast and other parts of the body that have nodules and have soft tissues. If you feel a lump and see it grow in size, see a doctor on an emergency basis.

Lumps in the breast can show up red and thick under the skin. This will help you diagnose cancer in the early stages.