Forget Bigg Boss Here Are The 5 Tv Shows Moms Are Going Crazy Over

Forget Bigg Boss Here Are The 5 Tv Shows Moms Are Going Crazy Over

24 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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Moms may not have the time to watch every other TV show that is aired but we do love our fair share of shows that we just cannot miss. No, we don’t just mean the hindi soap operas which do occupy a separate category of its own in our hearts, but here’s a list curated just for you with those TV shows that moms love watching as means of relaxing, learning or maybe just watching for the love of it.

1. Rivals In Law

rival in laws

This is show on a new channel fyi Tv 18 which is quite a fun take on a cooking show. The show features Chef Vicky Ratnani who pits the mother in law and daughter in law against each other in a friendly cooking competition by making them prepare the same dish. Chef Vicky Ratnani then plates them identically and serves it to the son and husband to decide the better dish and also make an attempt at guessing which dish was cooked by whom. Ooh! I don’t want to be in his position. Moms love this show as it showcases the dynamics of the mother-daughter in law relationship in a fun way. Also, the show is aired at a child-free time at 10 pm on Mondays where moms can watch this peacefully without interruption.

2. Mummy Ka Magic

mummy ka magic

This is another cooking show that again airs at a kid-friendly time of 2:00 pm every Friday, on a channel called FOOD FOOD. This show features Chef Amrita Raichand whom you may remember from other TV shows. Although, that’s not the reason moms love this show. Chef Amrita showcases a platter of recipes that deals with one of the biggest problems in a mom’s life which is feeding their kids healthy food which they will actually eat. She shows us how to make various desserts, snacks and dishes which are healthy and also taste good.

3. Band Baaja Bride

band baaja bride

This is a show that appears on Fridays at 10 pm and a repeat telecast on Saturdays at 4 pm on NDTV good times. This show has gained immense popularity especially after the addition of the well renowned designed- Sabyasachi. Everybody loves makeover shows, especially when it is a wedding makeover, which is why moms all over India are going crazy over this show. Moms reminisce in the time of their wedding, bringing back all sorts of happy and silly memories. The wedding and the makeover featured on this show would indeed make anyone envy the participants. All in all it’s a fun show to watch, especially if you love makeover shows.

4. Real 2 States Couples

real 2 states couple

Do you all remember that book written by Chetan Bhagat which we all loved? Well, this is the real life adaption of that book. This show features real couples who are from different regions and showcases the adjustments and difficulties that exist when you get into a marriage of this sorts. This is fun show that may remind you of the smallest adjustments you had to make when entering another person’s family. It airs on fyi tv 18 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10 pm which will indeed take you back to those days when you were just a new bride.

5. Koffee With Karan

koffee with karan

Finally, a show we never fail to watch every season- Koffee with Karan. Bollywood gossip shared over coffee. What’s not to like? We all love watching our favourite celebrities on screen, this is a show that gets up close and personal with those celebrities sharing their nitty-gritties of everyday life. This is another entertaining show to watch once the kids have gone to bed at 9:00, every Sunday for moms to relax and enjoy some fun-filled interviews with the celebrities they love.