Fun Activities To Help Develop Your Babys Motor Skills

Fun Activities To Help Develop Your Babys Motor Skills

20 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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It is a very satisfying experience, a priceless moment, to watch your baby crawl or hold things with their tiny hands for the first time. Within 9-10 months, most tiny tots start to crawl or walk. It can be quite a task for the parents to run after their babies, ensuring the little ones do not get hurt. It is a time when you should encourage and help them with their motor skills. Indulging in games and fun activities can be extremely beneficial. In addition to the fun and frolics, the activities will also enhance the motor activities of your baby.

Here are some things parents can do to help with the development of their babies.

1. Catch me if you can

This is a funny, yet important activity for the development of fine motor skills (grasping or holding things with the hands). Get a crib that comes with an overhead stand. Tie your baby’s favourite toy to the stand. Draw your baby’s attention towards the toy and encourage him/her to grab it. While trying to get hold of their favourite toy, there will be body movements, which will help improve your baby’s overall motor skills. For maximum result, keep the toy at a height that encourages maximum body movements.

2. Give me my milk bottle

For babies who are into Formula milk, make sure you use a feeding bottle to feed them. Often, babies get fidgety (they try to hold things) when they see things within their range. The same is the case with feeding bottles. They will make an effort to hold the bottle with their hands. Encourage them in this activity. Though it will not be possible for your tiny tot to hold the bottle without support or help from your end, it will improve their fine motor skills, especially the ability to hold things.

3. Being messy is fun

With babies around, your house is sure to turn into an art gallery. From walls to floors, they spare nothing. The activity is simple and involves a big sheet of white (or coloured) paper and water paints or crayons. While your child tries to unleash the painter in them, the activity is a great exercise to improve fine motor skills, especially in children in the age group of 1 year and above.

4. Pick it up

Keeping your baby in the crib (in a lying position) all the time may not be a very wise idea. They also need some movement. When your baby’s body is a little stable (4-5 months), make them stand on their feet with a little support from your end. The activity can help to relax their feet and leg muscles. While still in the standing position, you can place an object of their choice on the floor (at a distance), while they sit or crawl to get hold of the object. The activity will do a world of good to their motor skills.

5. Sitting games

Once in a while, make it a point to place your baby in a sitting position (6 months and above, as this is when their head is stable). For the baby’s comfort as well as safety, you can guard the corners with pillows and blankets (you can also use nursing pillows). Once the baby is comfortable enough, sit next to them and enjoy some quality time together. Indulge in some interesting games. Needless to say, the activity will enhance their motor skills, especially the muscles of the abdomen and the back.











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