Fun Games To Play With Your Child Xyz

Fun Games To Play With Your Child Xyz

20 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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A child’s smile can brighten your whole day and the best time when they not only smile but laugh as well is the time they are playing. Children just love to play anytime they can and they love it, even more, when you play with them too. But then the question arises of what to play because sometimes the games while being fun can also be teaching sessions and even help develop the child’s skill set. So let us help you in deciding some of the games you can play with your little bundle of joy.

1. Treasure Hunt

The best game to play with your child to not only help them enjoy but also make them put on their thinking caps. Though this game will make you put your own thinking cap on first, it will definitely be worth it. Just hide some of your child’s things or a gift somewhere in the house and make different clues for them to reach the treasure. just go after them and see the joy on their face while thinking about the clues.

2. Dumb Charades

Let’s get some acting skills in there, shall we? Dumb Charades is the best way to bring out the hidden acting talent of your child and obviously your own talent too. Dumb Charades will also help you connect with your child even more and once you involve your husband in the game it will be an even more fun competition.

3. Pictionary

Another fun game that you can play with your child in a race against time is Pictionary. While being fun it will also improve both your child’s and your own drawing skills. Just get a drawing board, start drawing and put a timer on it. Then guess your child’s drawing before time runs out. It will actually help you bond and have fun.

4. Hide and Seek

The one game we used to love playing when we were children ourselves was Hide and Seek. But in today’s time with so many video games, the children don’t play these physical exertion games so why not teach them the joy of this game while reliving our own childhood.

5. Puzzles

The most comfortable game to play with your child is puzzle solving. While being a bonding game it lets you just sit and see the happiness on your child’s face. And not only is it fun but also helps in him/her honing their mental skills.

Games are indeed the most constructive way for your child to put their energy into while they keep on laughing and smiling. With you included in their fun, it just doubles and maybe even you might learn a thing or two from them while playing.











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