8 Fun Ideas To Throw A Baby Shower For Mums And Dads

8 Fun Ideas To Throw A Baby Shower For Mums And Dads

27 Jun 2022 | 4 min Read

Reema Shah

Author | 496 Articles

Gone are the days when raising a child was just a mother’s responsibility. Today it’s all about equal parenting. So why should baby showers be for women only? 

A dad plays an equal part in the baby’s life as well so why not make it special for both the parents-to-be? A baby shower for both the mum-to-be and dad-to-be is the best way to celebrate their new journey as parents.

However, it requires some cool ideas to make the event memorable. Here are some easy ways to make the baby shower special for the expecting parents.

8 Exciting Baby Shower Ideas For Expecting Parents

1. Design the Invitation for Baby Shower 

Your baby shower is a chance for you to get creative and you can easily design it online. You can use simple tools like Canva for which you need not even have professional designing skills and will find ready-to-use templates as well. Just change some colours and elements to match your party’s theme and you’re all set. 

2. Plan the Food Menu

Once you have the guest list out, it is better to be overprepared when it comes to the food rather than being underprepared. Have a variety of food items that will satiate your guests’ palate.  Go for snacks that are easy to eat and go well with dips like paneer fritters, potato balls, and chicken nuggets if you are a non-vegetarian.

Add a fun colourful backdrop as part of the baby shower’s decor which is right behind the main celebration area/ Credit – Pexels

3. Remind Guests to Include Gifts for Dad

Usually, guests carry gifts for the expecting mum and baby for a baby shower, let your guests know that even the father-to-be can be included in the gift-giving fun. You can add a fun phrase to remind the invitees along with the invitation.

4. Keep the Decor Minimal

Opt for pastel colours and neutral colours that look pleasing. You can also mix dual bright colours like yellow and purple for the decor. Use different coloured balloons if you want. Take professional help if you feel the need for it.

5. Serve Cool Drinks

While the expecting mum cannot drink alcoholic beverages for her and her baby’s good health, don’t forget to add a variety of drinks that appeal to both drinkers and teetotalers. Let the beer and cocktails flow for the rest of the party crowd. You can place bottles on tables or buckets with some decor so that guests can help themselves.

Do include both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for all the guests to enjoy during the baby shower / Credit – Unsplash

6. Organise Fun Games

A baby shower is meant to be fun so keep the super competitive games away for another relevant event. You can have fun partner games using baby products like baby bottles to chug drinks or even diapers to see who is able to do the task quicker. For the prizes and giveaways, you can include either baby care products or something they can use in the house.

7. Gifts for Both Genders

Since you’re organising a parents-to-be baby shower, the prizes should also be given keeping in mind both males and females. You can have neutral gifts that are suitable for both genders.

8. Create a Photobooth

What’s a party without pictures? While you plan the decor, do remember to include a cool photo booth along with props for the guests to take pictures. You can also come up with a fun hashtag to add to the backdrop of the photo booth. 

Now that you have these cool and easy baby shower ideas suitable for both mums and dads, go ahead and make it one to remember!











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