Fun Ways To Break Your Pregnancy News

Fun Ways To Break Your Pregnancy News

27 May 2022 | 5 min Read


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What’s it going to be? The classic ‘bun in the oven’ trick or a gift box with baby socks inside? The advent of motherhood is exciting and when you have friends and family around, making this news more of a surprise can get you some really nice Kodak moments. You have to agree, announcing your pregnancy through the phone or letting others second guess is going to be drab. Why not spice things up a bit? Read on to find some really cool ways in which you can turn your pregnancy news to a gleeful surprise of a lifetime.

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The ways mentioned below could require the assistance of someone close, so make sure the secret stays between you two, else all the fun will be spoilt. Your objective should be to spill as many beans as needed but to let the others guess the beanstalk upon which your baby Jack or Jill is riding home.

Bun in the Oven/Eating for Two

Classic, time-tested and will be loved by English aficionados. These are popular phrases and have been used by expecting mothers all over the world. These are quite subtle and you’d of course need your audience to be quick in catching on the imagery.

‘Bun in the oven’ addresses the gestation period. Simple and subtle, tell your family and friends that you wish to bake a special cake and invite them over for a mini party. If you haven’t got a proper baking oven, a microwave can work just as well. Get a quick recipe for a bun and prepare the dough. Set it in the oven before anyone notices and amid your party, as soon as the beep sounds, get the folks to the kitchen to help out. Open the door of the microwave with the bun facing you and act confused. Someone will surely ask what is wrong. Your answer could be, ‘Guys, this is what happened’ and show them the complete picture, the bun inside the oven. Wait for the smartest one in the room to look at you in surprise. Enjoy the compliments.

‘Eating for two’ is even simpler. It can’t be clearer than this one. While at the dining table with the family around, try to take lesser food than you normally do. Midway through your meal, ask for a fresh plate. Make sure everyone hears you. Someone will definitely ask why. Your answer – ‘Well, junior wants his separate plate.’ You can innovate on what you have to say, it’s up to you. Bask in the shock and surprise that follows.

Kodak Moment

Get the gang together at the house and ask for a family photograph. While everyone’s seated and quiet, do the camera countdown. ‘Ready! In 3, 2, 1. We’re having a baby!’ Be as loud as you can and shoot the picture with everyone’s priceless shocked faces. The laughter that you will get out of this one will last you for all the years to come.

Baby Messengers

Have kids already? We have something for you as well! If your kids are participating in a school event or have their birthdays coming up or there’s just a family get together happening, get some t-shirts printed for them. The content on the shirts can announce the new family member’s tentative arrival. Let the wishes flow in from everyone who happens to know you and your kids. Some of our choicest phrases are

1.Only Child Privilege Expiring on January 2017

2.Getting a sibling soon!

3.Prayers for a sibling answered! Thank you, God!

4.All toys pre-booked for 2017. Sorry, kid sis takes preference

Come up with your own witty phrase and let us know!

There’s a slight variation to this one as well. Make your kids wear shirts with numerals as per their order of birth and you can wear a shirt with the next numeral pointing to the belly. Take a picture of yourself and the kids and send out postcards or emails. Then make sure your phone is charged for all the calls that will follow. So, if you have one kid, make him/her wear a t-shirt with numeral 1 and your t-shirt will have numeral 2.

A third variation to this is going to work if you are a pet lover and have a dog. When the family is all together, sneak into the other room and get your dog to hold a signboard right into the living room. Guess what is written on that? Some of our favourite phrases would be –

1.Just got to know! I’m getting a tiny human in March!

2.Mom and dad are getting me a human!

3.No more lonely days. A fourth is joining the family (assuming you, your husband and your dog are the three members)

Do you like playing Scrabble or word building games? Start playing a game of Scrabble with your husband and construct words related to babies. If your hubby is as smart as you think he is, you can enjoy the slow smile that builds up on his face.

There are many different ways in which you can break the news of your pregnancy in a fun way. The only limiting factor is your imagination. Know of any great and fun ways you or your friends used? Let us know in the comments.











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