Guiltfree Healthy Snacking For Weight Loss

Guiltfree Healthy Snacking For Weight Loss

19 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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We know losing weight can be hard with those cravings and temptations always coming your way. However, starving yourself only does more harm than good. So why not give healthy snacking a shot? Two words you didn’t think would go well together, right? Healthy snacking is a good, enriching and more importantly healthy way to enhance your diet whilst enabling you to resist those cravings. Here is a list of a few guilt-free snacks you can give in to without compromising on your diet plan. So let’s get straight to it, shall we?

1. Popcorn

Everyone loves popcorn! It is, in fact, the best-known replacement for chips. To enhance the nutritional value of popcorn you can jazz it up with this seasoning. Add some garlic butter (but not too much), some rosemary and as a rule of thumb, avoid microwaving them as far as possible. Instead, try to buy kernels separately and cook them yourself, to avoid the chemicals and salt from the packaged popcorn.

2. Munch on nuts

Nuts make for great snacks due to their ability to fill you up quickly. Because they are rich in healthy fats, you will feel full for a long time and don’t have to succumb to the temptation of munching on chips or biscuits between your meals. A good tip is to keep a box of assorted nuts in your bag at all times. An added bonus being that people won’t swarm at your desk to eat all your nuts like that would with chips.

3. Grapes

Grapes are one of the few fruits with fewer calories but have the ability to fill you up quickly and for a long time. Black or red grapes do a better job with weight loss than green grapes due to its sugar content. If you want to make them more appetizing, freeze the grapes and munch on them.

4. Yoghurt

There is still debate on whether non-fat yogurt or full-fat yogurt is the better option. However, the purpose they serve in your weight loss plan is the same. Yogurt like the aforementioned snacks helps in filling you up, to avoid you from munching on junk food. Since it fills you up, you will also eat a lesser portion of your meal. To make it tastier, add the frozen grapes or berries like cranberries or blackberries. However, make sure not to indulge in flavoured yogurt due to the added preservatives and flavouring. Keep it as fresh as possible.

5. Protein rich snacks

Protein-rich snacks like a hard boiled egg, edamame beans (a Japanese specialty) or thinly sliced chicken strips whipped into a salad of some fresh, juicy veggies with a drizzle of olive oil is a good dish to include into your diet plan as an evening snack.











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