Here’s Why Child Medical Insurance Is Important

Here’s Why Child Medical Insurance Is Important

7 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read

Sayani Basu

Author | 320 Articles

Children are the apple of their parents’ eyes. Parents are always concerned about the wellbeing and safety of their children. Getting health insurance for your little one is a subject matter that rarely strikes your mind. For the new parents, the focus would be more on immediate needs, such as a crib, baby car seat or milk formula.

Growing inflation along with skyrocketing medical costs can create a hindrance for your child’s future. Therefore, getting adequate health coverage for children is important. 

It is also an important component of financial planning for children.

Importance of Health Insurance for Children

It is advisable to have a health insurance plan for children. Here’s why:

Children have a weaker immunity compared to adults and are more susceptible to illness. | Image Source: freepik

  1. Children have lower immunity compared to adults: Children have lower immunity compared to adults and are more susceptible to diseases.

Even minor injuries and health issues can lead to major ailments if proper treatment is not given. At times, the proper treatment can cause a hole in the pocket.

Health insurance provides coverage for such treatments and lets you deal with the expenses easily.

  1. Ensuring access to quality healthcare: Children need quality health care facilities in their growing years. A health insurance policy can provide quality and affordable healthcare to your little ones.

Most of the insurance companies have tie-ups with network hospitals all over India. One can claim cashless facilities in these network hospitals.

  1. Overall development of children: The growing years of a child are the crucial stages. At this stage, your child needs proper care for the overall development.

A health insurance policy can help you monitor your child’s overall development as it provides facilities for regular checkups for children.

Ailments, if any, can be identified at the correct time and the treatment can start right away.

Health insurance lets parents secure their children’s future. | Image Source: freepik

  1. Financial planning: Health insurance is a value for money investment and it is something on which the parents can rely to get enough security for their children’s future.

With a medical health insurance plan, you can not only plan for your kid’s medical requirements but also all kinds of emergencies in the future.

In the long run, this can save a lot of money, keeping you financially secure.

  1. Dental care for children can be expensive: Children are prone to cavities, and injuries to the teeth or gums while playing 

Several health insurance policies provide a cover for dental care on OPD basis.

They also cater to the financial needs in case of any in-patient hospitalisation treatment for teeth repair or replacement (due to an accident).

Hence, you should opt for a health insurance plan for your child to get coverage for these dental injuries of your children.

In addition to these, health insurance also has tax benefits. The premium paid helps working parents to avail benefits while paying taxes.

Child health insurance plans are offered in India including individual child health plans and family floater plans. Some of these plans have lower premiums, tax benefits, added perks, discounts, and add-on covers. 

With the increasing healthcare expenses, having a health insurance policy is no more an option, but a need. Get one for your child today!

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