Here’s How You Can Protect Kids In Winter With These Gift Bundles

Here’s How You Can Protect Kids In Winter With These Gift Bundles

23 Dec 2022 | 4 min Read

Manisha Pradhan

Author | 251 Articles

The cold weather during winter is a welcome change for most people who live in places where they have to deal with the sweltering heat for the rest of the year. While all of us dream of enjoying the warm winter sun with a cup of garam chai, most parents are also plagued with a constant worry about how to protect kids in winter. 

The harsh winter conditions also bring with them some health and skin issues. It can be a difficult time for parents dealing with runny noses, colds, coughs and dry skin and lips. Whether we like it or not, winter is here but there’s no need to worry, we’ve put together a list of gift bundles to protect kids in winter. You can add them to your New Year gifting list as well.

Gift Bundles To Protect Kids In Winter

These gift bundles make a useful last-minute New Year gift for kids, as they help keep them protected during the cold winter season.

Minis And Vapour Patch Combo

If you are planning to go on a holiday during this holiday season, then the minis with vapour patch is a great idea to protect kids during winter travel time. This combo includes mini travel-friendly bottles of baby safe and natural:

  • Strengthening baby hair oil 
  • Nourishing baby massage oil 
  • Organic coconut oil 
  • Moisturizing baby wash
  • A pack of vapour patches.

While the mini bottles are travel friendly and easy to carry, they also protect your baby’s skin and scalp from dryness caused by the harsh winter weather. The vapour patch gives instant relief to your toddler if he/she has a cold. 

Lip Balm and Sunscreen 

This gift combo includes:

  • A nourishing lip balm
  • A moisturising baby-friendly, and natural sunscreen.

Both the natural baby-friendly lip balm and sunscreen are two of the most essential needs for a baby’s skincare regime during winter. Due to the cold dry weather during winter, most babies suffer from dry lips, and the natural lip balm keeps their delicate lips protected. Winter sun can be harsh too and cause damage to your baby’s delicate skin, that’s the reason why you need to keep it protected even during winter by applying a layer or two of sunscreen to their skin.

Bath Essential Bundle

This useful gift bundle includes:

  • A moisturising baby wash
  • A natural strengthening shampoo

Moisturisers are an essential part of winter skin care for kids as much as it is for adults. Winter can cause the skin to become dry and flaky, moisturisers help to keep the skin well hydrated and also provides relief from flaky and itchy skin. Similarly, a natural baby shampoo not only helps to keep your child’s scalp clean without stripping away natural oils which is great during dry winter conditions,  but it also strengthens your child’s hair. 

Diaper Care Combo

The diaper care combo includes:

  • A pack of natural baby wipes
  • A diaper rash cream

The diaper care combo is a saviour during the winter months as most babies and toddlers have to be dressed in layers to keep them warm during winter, they sometimes tend to sweat. If it’s too cold to bathe your toddler during winter months, you can wipe their body with natural baby wipes to keep them clean. The diaper rash cream keeps the baby’s diaper area well moisturised besides preventing diaper rashes. 

Care Protection Bundle

The care protection bundle includes:

  • Natural mosquito repellent patches
  • Natural mosquito repellent spray
  • A box of vapour patches

This bundle helps to keep your baby safe from winter issues like diseases caused by mosquito bites and stuffy noses which are common during the winter months in a natural yet convenient way. All of them are easy to use and do not harm the baby’s skin since they contain zero chemicals and toxins.