Hilarious Ways Women Can Get Pregnant Xyz

Hilarious Ways Women Can Get Pregnant Xyz

20 Apr 2022 | 4 min Read


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On the other hand, there are women who say “ Oh wow! That’s not how I expect to get pregnant!” Sometimes it is just the right timing and the right body setting that just knocks you right up! Yep, pretty much even if you’ve used all the precautions be it oral, or physical barriers there are chances you could get pregnant and it will surely make you gasp!

Did you know that you could get pregnant even if you sat on a toilet seat! The life of a sperm on a toilet seat is up to an hour. So, if there’s any on the toilet seat and you happen to sit on it, you might actually have a good chance of getting pregnant!

Here are few shocking ways women have gotten pregnant:

1.Nose Piercing

To increase the fertility, piercing the left nostril can increase your fertility! In the Indian traditions and customs, most women have to have their left nostril pierced. You might think of it as another style statement, but scientifically, it works exactly like an acupuncture. It improves the blood flow in the body thereby increasing the chance of conceiving.

Now you know why a “Dulhan” gets her nose pierced to accommodate that huge nose ring as a part of her wedding get up.

2.During That Time Of The Month

You need to understand that the sperm can live inside the body of a woman for up to several days. You must be also aware that a woman’s ovulation cycle lasts for almost 14 days. The chances are bleak, but still many women have become pregnant this way too.

However, it all depends on the length of the cycle.

3. In The Sunlight

Basking the sunlight can be a great way to make a baby. Sunlight is a great source of Vitamin-D and it is that one thing which will boost your chances of getting pregnant. Scientists have proved that the sunlight activates the sex hormones like estrogen and progesterone.

Quickly book your beach resorts today!

4. Coitus Interruptus

This is also known as the pull-out method. We’re well-educated citizens of a populated country and we do have to know that pulling out is not a very efficient method. Even if there’s a little teenie weenie little drop of semen is enough to get you pregnant.

Wiping the penis before and after sex can help in avoiding pregnancy up to a point of time but there’s still a good 50% chance that an enthusiastic sperm would invade all the possible barriers and fuse with an egg.

5. Ruptured Condoms

Yeah, sometimes condoms betray you too. There’s a particular way of putting condoms on your body. If you forget to keep some gap in the front, you are likely to have a major accident which will lead to a surprise pregnancy.

Also, don’t tear it off with your teeth. Use your hands and remove it gently. It is quite possible for you to end up making a hole in your condom and allowing a fair deal of chance for the sperm to fuse with an egg.

6. Peepal Tree

You must have come across women religiously worshiping the banyan tree or the peepal tree. These trees are supposed to have healing powers and the young unfurling leaves of the peepal tree can help you conceive. It helps you conceive better than any fertility drugs!

7.Unwashed hands

If your man goes down on you after doing his deed and by chance, he forgets to wash his hands you have probably put yourself in trouble. So, wash your hands and keep yourself clean if you don’t want to have a surprise 9 months later!











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