Home Cooked Vs Store Bought Baby Food Xyz

Home Cooked Vs Store Bought Baby Food Xyz

21 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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There has always been a debate on which one is better – homemade purees or store bought ones? Is there a difference – they are both just baby purees made from safe and natural ingredients, right? How do we know if homemade purees have enough nutrient content in them? Are store bought purees safe for your little one? Here is a comparison of the two along with some pros and cons to help you decide which one you should select for your baby.

Store-Bought Baby Food

When it comes to commercially prepared purees, the baby food is tested and analysed by several nutritional experts who decide if a baby’s daily nutritional needs are met. Parents often worry about giving store bought baby food to their babies since they are not sure about what really goes into the food. Baby food that is approved by FDA is generally safe. But these store bought baby foods often do contain preservatives and added sugar. Look into the ingredient list to make sure the ingredients are not harmful. Most baby food uses Vitamin C as a preservative and this is a safe preservative. The preservative will allow you to store the food for longer. It is the best option to go for when you are travelling. So, you can go ahead and buy some baby food from the store without any worries – but do make sure that the only preservative used is Vitamin C and that it is FDA approved.


-Nutrient needs are met

-Can be stored for long

-Convenient when travelling


-Not sure about what the food is made of

-May contain preservatives

-Expensive option

Home-Cooked Baby Food

Parents prefer home cooked baby food for two main reasons. One is that they know exactly what is going into their baby’s food. Second, in comparison to store bought food, it is a more economical option. You would only have to spend on the initial investments – to buy a blender to make the cooked food into a smooth paste. Health experts believe that homemade baby food may not contain enough nutrients in them. If you use the right ingredients and provide a variety of different fruit, vegetables, grains and proteins in the form of meat and dairy products, your baby would get enough nutrients to stay healthy. Also, when making baby food at home, you know that you are using fresh produce for your ingredients. Thus, the food would smell and taste fresh.


-Made using fresh ingredients

-Knowing what goes in the food

-Economical choice


-Little or no shelf life

-Initial cost is high

-Takes more time to prepare

Hope this comparison gave you an idea of the two options for baby food. What have you decided to give your baby? Do share your views with us!











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