Home Remedies For Cold And Cough For Children

Home Remedies For Cold And Cough For Children

27 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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Cold and cough may be one of the most common words that you hear in your day to day lives. If your child or family member isn’t suffering from it surely you are going to come face to face with it somewhere in your everyday life. Maybe the passenger by the bus has caught it or maybe your colleague’s kid. It could be anyone.

More precisely a child catches a cold at least six to ten times at an average every year according to the National Institute of Health. Now we keep a lot of things at home but with a lot of products we don’t completely utilize their usefulness. There may be some practices that don’t seem significant but really are when it comes to cold and cough. Here are a few remedies which are simple and helpful if your kid catches a cold or a cough or both:

1. Honey.

According to research conducted recently honey is proven to be a better medicine than cough syrups, it also helps a child sleep better. But be careful to give it to your child only if they are aged above 1. An added benefit it is you can easily feed this to your kid saying that, “ It’s Winnie The Pooh’s favourite food”. That could only help.

Doesn’t look like Pooh will ever need medicines for his throat.

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2. Soup.

A warm drink is always soothing in nature moreover it also helps in relieving congestion. Additional research shows that chicken soup has anti-inflammatory properties. Everyone loves soup when their nose is runny, throat is sore and they are covered in blankets!

Put in your mouth if you have a bad throat!

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3. Keep his/her head higher than normal.

Keeping their head higher while they sleep with an extra pillow helps them breathe easier and get through the night with lesser troubles and a sound sleep. Use this to teach them to keep their ‘head held high’ maybe?

An extra pillow, an extra baby birds. Baby birds suffer cause of colds too.

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4. Steaming.

Breathing in steamy air helps to break down the mucus and thereby allowing them to breathe more freely. Getting them to do this might be hard because it’s all boring and stuffy but try telling them how luxurious a sauna is and make steaming feel ‘sauna-like’.

That’s the spirit!

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5. Saline nasal drops.

Babies breathe mainly through their nostrils so saline drops can be really helpful to clear up the congestion that they feel. This way you don’t have to see your kids trying to blow their noses and making a mess everywhere. It has a clean and sophisticated charm to it.

Not look very sophisticated, eh?

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