How A Baby Changes Your Relationship With Your Family

How A Baby Changes Your Relationship With Your Family

1 Jul 2022 | 3 min Read


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No matter how forward thinking your parents are, Indian parents tend to go numb towards love marriages. Exceptions to some cases are a given. From the moment your parents have been informed about your decision, some of them give you the cold shoulder. The entire picture seems broken, but this is only until the arrival of their grandchild.

A grandchild can be the one that mends a broken family or a stained relation. The joy of being a grandparent overpowers the intensity of repressed anger towards their children. These are a few heart warming things your parents will surprise you with over the news of conception.

1. The telephone rings

You will get a call from your mother or mother-in-law the moment she hears you are pregnant. The moment when she swore she would break ties with you if you went ahead with the marriage goes in vain when you hear her sweet, soothing voice on the other end.

2. A surprise visit to the hospital

That moment when you are overjoyed by the birth of your baby, you realise your parents have made the effort to visit you in the hospital despite all the differences over a love marriage. This little angel has changed your life for the better. You have been in fear of raising your child without help from your parents, but this surprise melts all those doubts.

3. Calling out grandpa!

The eventful moment when your child calls their grandparents will get rid of any bitter feeling between you and your parents or in-laws. The fact that your parents show love towards your child is the sign of pure approval of your marriage.

4. Babies trouble!

Taking care of a baby can be a tiresome task. Every moment you wake up in the middle of the night to soothe your crying baby, it will remind you of all the effort your mother had to put in raising you. Eventually, the baby stress will force you into an emotional call to your parents, making both parties cave.

It is surprising how your parents want to mend relations with you, but will not be the first to make the effort. Do not forget that their come back to everything is “we are older”. The introduction of your baby into the family can be a miracle in more ways than you anticipated. If you have been lucky enough to experience the opposite, cherish every moment of it.