How Does Solar Eclipse Affect You Xyz

How Does Solar Eclipse Affect You Xyz

20 Apr 2022 | 2 min Read


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Eclipses have always been a fascinating subject to mankind. There’s something so majestic about witnessing a phenomenon that is bigger than all of us combined. The celestial bodies moving as if in tune is something no one can ignore. But have you ever considered if the solar eclipse has any effect on you?


In a lot of traditions, pregnant women are not supposed to go outside during the solar or lunar eclipse. It is believed that children who are born will have abnormalities like a cleft lip or unsightly birthmarks. This is of course only a myth and has no scientific evidence to back it up.

Having said that, there is no harm in following customs like staying indoors and resting or taking a bath afterward if they give you a peace of mind. But do not starve or dehydrate yourself for the sake of fasting during the eclipse.

Psychological effects

Eclipses are known to produce profound psychological effects in human beings. There have been reports of anger, emotional breakdowns and sudden bursts of energy and depression. This might be the reason a lot of Indians believe that eclipses are not a good time to start, end or take major decisions on things like careers, relationships, and family.

Eye damage

You might want to catch a glimpse of this rare and amazing event but looking at it directly will harm your eyes. This is not a myth or a superstition but an actual scientific fact. It can harm your retinas and also cause permanent blindness. You can buy yourself a pair of solar eclipse glasses. Ray Bans or sunglasses won’t cut it so don’t substitute them as solar eclipse glasses.

Your stomach may get upset

This is not scientifically proven but some people believe that you might get digestion problems during the period of eclipse. They believe that the absence of sunlight over such a long time will result in bacteria overgrowth and might spoil the food. This might explain why you were advised against consuming food on the day of the eclipse.











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