How Long Should I Wait To Have A Baby After Miscarriage Xyz

How Long Should I Wait To Have A Baby After Miscarriage Xyz

21 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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No void is greater than that created by the loss of a child. It hardly matters that the child is merely in its fetal stage. Miscarriages are not as damaging to the mother’s physique as they are to her psychological condition. Couples, on losing a child are desperate to try again and want to get pregnant as soon as possible.

Frankly speaking, if the wait between a miscarriage and the next pregnancy (followed by the birth of a healthy baby) is short, it helps. Parents have enough time to mourn but not too much to get depressed or frustrated. New pregnancy brings with it new hope and the void is filled up with the arrival of a newborn.

Most doctors prescribe different time periods for waiting to have a baby after miscarriage. The standard time advised by most doctors is one menstrual cycle; meaning, at least a period of one month. Depending upon the mother’s recovery and post-miscarriage condition, this time limit may vary.

Some doctor also advise couples to wait for about three months. This time period is the maximum that has been recommended by most doctors. Three months not only allow for the mother to recover completely with regards to her physical condition, but also give her room to prepare mentally before jumping into another pregnancy. The couple is able to recover from their loss and hence carry forward with a better state of mind. The detrimental period of waiting to start trying for another pregnancy, also takes into consideration factors such as – age of the couple, smoking history, alcohol consumption, physical fitness (or the lack of it), fertility, previous pregnancies or miscarriages (if any), etc.

All this being said, the good news for couples is the fact that it isn’t compulsory to wait as long as three months to try to get pregnant again after a miscarriage. As far as the relationship between the waiting period and the odds of having a healthy future pregnancy are concerned, you need not be worried. Waiting period doesn’t affect the odds.

In certain exceptional cases, the doctors might insist on your waiting for three months. In such cases, follow a golden rule: Always listen to your doctor. There might be merit in waiting for three months rather than going through various pregnancy complications by an early induced pregnancy. There could be a risk of preeclampsia, premature rupture of membranes, low birth weight and preterm delivery.

It is also found by various researches that women are at the peak of their fertility immediately after a miscarriage, but a cycle’s wait is still advisable so as to let the uterus lining grow completely for the fetus to have a stronghold.

Various doctors and researchers point out to the fact that couples need time to heal emotionally before trying again. The reason why mental healing is necessary is that it might affect your chances of conceiving.

The World Health Organization (WHO) discovered in a study conducted with approximately 30,000 women that in extreme cases, some couples might have to wait for about 6 months to 18 months before conceiving again.

To conclude, it is difficult to determine a particular average time for everyone, to wait before conceiving again after having a miscarriage. So, it would be wise to listen carefully to what your doctor says and follow his or her advice.