How Often Should Your Kids Take A Bath?

How Often Should Your Kids Take A Bath?

24 May 2022 | 4 min Read

Sayani Basu

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It is common for kids to get sticky, dirty and sometimes, really gross, which is why, you’ll want to clean them and give them a bath. While some little ones love taking baths, others find the whole experience uncomfortable and may become cranky. If getting your kid to take a bath often ends up in a struggle, you’ll be glad to know that a daily bath might not be necessary. 

So the question is how often should your kids take a bath? Well, it depends on your child’s age and activities. The American Academy of Dermatology Association (AAD) recommends that children need to take showers once or twice a week. But there’s more to this science than just numbers. 

Why Your Child Doesn’t Need To Bathe Daily

If your kid takes a bath daily, it can lead to dry and irritated skin. As their skin is still developing, the natural protective oil and the natural bacteria of the skin can get washed away with daily bathing. Instead, you can wipe your little one’s face, neck, hands and bottom with wipes or a wet towel.

Ideal Bath Time for Kids: How Often To Bathe A Child

Bathing your kid twice or thrice a week is usually enough to keep them clean. But you do need to wash their faces and genitals every day. Plus, if your toddler gets dirty from playing, it is advisable to take a shower on those days.

A bath at the end of the day can be a part of a relaxing and calming bedtime routine.

It is recommended to use baby-safe soap as soap for adults can dry out your toddler’s skin. You must read the label carefully to look for the pH value of the soap. These should have a pH level that’s the same as your baby’s skin (5.5).

how often to bathe a child
It is advisable to keep the water to a comfortable temperature setting and should not be too hot or too cold. | Image Source: pixabay

You can also opt for a baby wash that’s formulated with natural ingredients and strengthen your baby’s skin barrier while providing deep nourishment to the skin. It also helps if these are clinically proven. If your toddler has dry skin, it’s advisable to give them shorter, lukewarm baths.

According to research, you can also massage your little one’s scalp with oil a few times per week. Oil massage is much needed for the health of the scalp as massaging increases blood circulation to the hair pores and moisturises the scalp and prevents dandruff. You can opt for a baby hair oil that has been made with natural ingredients.

7 Safety Tips to Keep In Mind

Here are some tips that you should keep in mind while bathing your kid:

  • You should always be within arm’s reach and should never leave the bathroom.
  • You can get everything ready in advance – towel, washcloth, and the little one’s clothes.
  • Fill the bath-tub to the height of your toddler’s belly-button when they’re sitting.
  • Ensure that the hot water tap is turned off. When the bath is ready, you can briefly run cold water through the tap.
  • The water temperature should be between 37 degree Celsius and 38 degree Celsius before you put your child in.
  • It’s advisable to let the water out as soon as bath time is over and remove bath plugs from the bath when they’re not in use.
  • You can place a non-slip mat on the floor so that your child doesn’t slip.
how often to bathe a child
Allow your child to choose toys for the bath to encourage the little one. Image Source: pixabay

If your toddler is afraid to take a bath, be patient with the little one as they learn to enjoy bath time. You can take a bath together and let your child choose toys for the bath. You can also encourage your little one to take a bath by singing songs to them or telling them stories. This will also strengthen your bond with your little one.











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