How To Be A Cool Mom To A Toddler Xyz

How To Be A Cool Mom To A Toddler Xyz

22 Apr 2022 | 4 min Read


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Being a cool mom is always associated with the mother being a parental figure and at the same time, she’s a friend too. A mommy who is as cool as ice knows how to set boundaries for her child and at the same time she knows how to give them independence.

A cool mom is someone who will make multiple attempts to bond with their child. While caressing and being more affectionate, they teach their kids a lot about life and they do it gracefully.Their philosophy in life is to love and appreciate their kids for who they are.

The following are the traits of a cool mom. Check list, if you have any of these within you!


Let your children be able to talk to you about anything they like or want to share with you. When they do, all you need to do is listen to them patiently without being judgemental at all. At the same time, you don’t have to get too excited and expect them to blurt out every single thing that’s going on in their life because they’re not going to.

But patience is your key, use it wisely to open the right doors!

2.Be a listener first

When it comes to conversations about school, friends and other activities listening to your child is really important. You can easily guide and counsel your little one, but listening to your child can be a little difficult. You need to make an effort to communicate with your child and listen to his/her feelings, opinions and thoughts.

Not just listening, but understanding the way they think. The way you understand them will make them feel like opening up to you even more. Therefore you’ll bond well and you’ll have your stats up as a cool mom in front of all your child’s friends.

3. The diplomacy rule

Kids can be angelic and incarnations of devils at the same time. They will kick, scream and make a scene if you don’t get them what they want. To overcome this behavior of kids, as a mommy you need to be kind and patient with them.

A sly strategy can be used by mommies. If you freely act like them and throw tantrums at them just like the way they do, you can get your child to stop doing those things immediately!

A cool mom knows just the right tricks and hacks to get the kid back on their leash!

4. Give them your 100% attention

Kids demand a lot of attention and it is really cute of them to do so. If you observe your child trying to talk to you, and you’re meddling with your mobile, keep it away. This move will tell your child that you’re interested in talking and listening to what they have got to say.

You’ll be prioritizing your child here and this will make them trust you and want to listen to what you too will say to them.

Even if you’re struggling with keeping up with what they’re saying, do not interrupt them. They will be really slow and they will repeat a lot of things. But don’t interrupt while they’re speaking to you.

5. Body language

Your body language is going to tell you a lot about your interest in talking to your child. If you’re just clinging onto your phone and just nodding and not even looking at your child, he/she is going to get upset.

When you tilt and incline towards your child, it appears like you’re actually interested in the conversation. You need to establish an eye contact and keep your facial expressions neutral. It is a sign to your child that you’re listening to them.











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