7 Ways To Reignite The Spark In The Bedroom

7 Ways To Reignite The Spark In The Bedroom

24 May 2022 | 4 min Read

Sayani Basu

Author | 342 Articles

Sexual intimacy is a powerful tool to strenghthen your bond with your partner. Sessions inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey might tickle your fancy, but Hollywood sex scenes and the type of sexual expression you find on the Internet don’t offer an accurate depiction of intercourse.

They might be a turn-on, but aren’t the guides for sex. It’s common to have anxieties about how well you’re performing in bed and there’s always some room for improvement of  mood. We are here to share some steamy secrets to reignite the spark  so you can ace your game between the sheets. 

7 Ways To Be Great In Bed And Surprise Your Partner

sexually active
Making the first move signals to your partner that you are interested in them and this increases their arousal too. | Image Source: pixabay

Make the first move

A lot of people are attracted to partners who make the first move in the bedroom. If you initiate, your partner can take this as demonstrating confidence and assert that you can go after what you want. Making the first move signals to your partner that you are interested in them and this stimulates arousal.

Be vocal

Even if you consider yourself to be reserved in bed, don’t keep quiet during sex. You’re missing out on an opportunity to build a strong bond with your partner. You must try to vocalise the pleasure you’re experiencing to your partner. According to experts, you should show that you’re in the present moment with each other through words or moans and groans.

Breathe deeply

Try to breathe deeply as it communicates pleasure and enhances arousal. You might be out of breath because of a strenuous position. So, deep breathing plays a pivotal role during sex. Besides, breathing deeply together creates more connection and be more erotic.

Try different positions

Trying the same position can get monotonous. Therefore, it is important to explore different positions. You can take inspiration from Erotica, or the Kama Sutra. Trying different positions can also help keep the spark alive. The partner on top is in a more dominant position, and the one underneath or behind can be more submissive.

Keep things spontaneous

If you want to surprise your partner in the bedroom, you can try suggesting to watch porn together as a way of foreplay or introducing a new sex toy to mix things up. Making things fresh and spontaneous is a great way to keep it fun and interesting for both of you.


It is advisable to avoid distractions at all costs. Make sure that the television is off, and your phone is silent. Plus, don’t take a break to check your texts or voicemails. During sex, you and your partner should be solely focused on each other to make it a great experience. If you’re not, you’re missing out on an opportunity to bond better.

sexually active
Try to acknowledge the enjoyable sensations you’re feeling. | Image Source: pixabay

Give positive feedback

Try to acknowledge the enjoyable sensations you’re feeling. The more you do this, the more you’ll feel them. You can probably acknowledge how you love the way your partner does something special for you in bed. That way both of you feel good about what’s already happening and both of you will know how to make it even better the next time.

Make sure to occasionally carve out time for candles, flirtation, teasing, and foreplay, and savour every bit of it. This can make sex more pleasurable and special and can help strengthen your bond with your partner. Often, we’re so goal-oriented that we forget all the fun. So have fun and focus on each other to keep that spark alive.











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