7 Easy Ways To Calm A Child

7 Easy Ways To Calm A Child

10 Jun 2022 | 3 min Read

Sayani Basu

Author | 342 Articles

It is common for children to have tantrums. Screaming, crying, rolling on the floor can be difficult to handle for mums. From around two years old, children start developing several new emotions like frustration, anger, embarrassment, guilt, shame and excitement. These strong emotions can sometimes be overwhelming for the child. They can’t express these emotions, especially in the toddler and preschooler years.

Most of us hand over a gadget or put on a cartoon channel when we have to deal with such a tantrum situation. However, this is not a healthy practice as studies suggest that too much screen time can harm your little one’s eyes.

Here are some of the easy ways to calm your children. Take a look!

7 Easy Ways To Calm A Child

  1. Stay Calm: You should calm down first. Nothing useful comes from trying to lead a discussion with children who are upset. The more you will respond to their actions, the more aggressive they will become.

Stop responding and let them carry on. After some time, they might calm down for a while and start listening to you.

  1. Notice and identify the emotion: Pay attention to your child’s behaviour before you do or say anything to them.

You can do this by looking closely at your child and noticing their body language.

  1. Ask for an option: After listening to them carefully, ask them for two alternatives that can help them at the moment.

These options have to be different than what you said no to. If they suggest something that is acceptable to you, praise them and agree to them.

  1. Sing something: Studies show that kids respond well to music. It is an effective way to help them calm down.

You can play their favourite song even when they are throwing a tantrum. After a while, you will notice that they will calm down and forget about the thing they were crying about.

  1. Play games with them: Playing a game with your child can be the best way to deal with their tantrums. Kids never say no to games, especially if you offer to play with them.

From board games to moulding clays, you can involve them in different activities. This will make them creative and will keep them occupied.

Hugs and cuddles work well even when kids are showing tantrums. | Image Source: pexels

  1. Hug them: Research shows that human touch has a calming effect on all, even on kids. Hugs and cuddles work well even when kids are showing tantrums.

It helps to pacify your kids and reduces their emotional distress. Try this strategy that has proven helpful to the parents and thank us later!

The dainty soap bubbles burst can also calm down your child. | Image Source: Pexels

  1. Bring bubbles to the rescue: When those dainty soap bubbles burst, our hearts feel instantly lighter and so as kids.

Your child is sure to calm when surrounded by lovely, airy bubbles. You can also get musical bubble guns which can be set to different tunes. A major tantrum buster for sure!

We hope that this list helps you calm your child. Try to be patient and keep your temper under control. Remember, it is never wise to shake, throw, hit, slap, or jerk your child and it never solves the problem!











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